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“Green & Bio-based Surfactant Developments”

Join ACI’s Future of Surfactants Summit North America, taking place on 28th & 29th September 2016 in Philadelphia, PA, USA and hear our expert speakers in discussing Green & Bio-based Surfactant Developments, focusing on:

  • The use of algal oil for the production of green surfactants
  • Modified and natural sophorolipids: Performance in emulsions and antimicrobial activity
  • Exploring the efficiency of enzyme preparations for bio based surfactants

Our expert speakers include: 

Daniel K.Y. Solaiman, Lead Scientist/Res. Mol. Biologist, USDA
Richard Gross,
Constellation Chair: Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Evelyn Su,
President & Chief Scientific Officer, Sino Lion USA