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Vassilis Nikolopoulos, CEO of Intelen on his presentation at Digital Utilities Europe 2016

, CEO of Intelen:

“Last week I was a key note speaker at a very good London event: Digital Utilities Europe:

We decided to co-sponsor this very interesting event, since this is our core business and our EU Utility expansion is being accelerated

The event was very good, very well organized and with some very high level attendees and speakers from the full 360 utility digital business space (social, engagement, sharing economy, grid, support, end-users, CRM, etc)

It is more than evident, that utilities are under a huge transformation, the digital one.

In my presentation, I presented Intelen’s approach for an effective digital consumer engagement: Building a digital-virtual world on the top of the notion “energy” and investing a lot on the digital content and behavioral-based education.”

For more details on Vassilis’ presentation please follow this link

ACI’s Digital Utilities Europe 2017 will take place next May. Stay tuned for more updates @ACI_DUE /