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ACI’s Advanced Biometrics Conference Brings Together Diverse Perspectives, Security Applications

Active Communications International recently held its fascinating Advanced Biometrics: Emerging Trends and Future Applications conference in Washington, D.C. During the informative and productive event, held Feb. 11-13, many leading agencies, companies and organizations came together to have open and engaging discussions, ask questions, network with their peers and debate decisions that are impacting the future path of this growing and expanding industry.

Those in attendance rated the conference highly, with more than 85 percent of attendees rating the conference Excellent and Very Good. Speakers were also warmly received, with Kephart, Bryan Chaney from SpeechPro and Rafi Ron of NASS each receiving perfect reviews, while an additional eight speakers earned a score of 92 percent or higher.

Host and chairperson Janice Kephart, CEO of the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association, facilitated the three-day conference and led questions and discussions throughout the inaugural event, with many in attendance noting in their post-conference comments that they were impressed with her background and knowledge, as well as her skill at keeping the conversations on track, while still relaxed and informative.

The conference brought together respected and knowledgeable representatives from many varied aspects of the cutting-edge biometrics industry, including presenters from federal, state, education, banking and commercial arenas, as well as vendor insights and demonstrations. The applications were vast, ranging from border security and access to college dining hall payment, from computer login and log off to signature comparison and writing pressure and style analysis, showcased at sponsor Wacom Technology’s interactive demonstration and display.

“Content was great.” – David Stallsmith, ColorID

“Very good event!” – William Buhrow, Unisys

“I believe that the conference was excellent.” – Timothy Reiniger,
Commonwealth of Virginia

ACI is continuing work on future programs on biometrics and other cutting-edge technologies and concepts. If you are interested in participating in an ACI conference as a sponsor or speaker, or have a topic you would like to see covered by ACI, please contact Ryan Yaeger at [email protected] or 312-780-0700, ext. 224.