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SDN and NFV: Key Concepts to Unlock Improved Connectivity 4G Americas partners with SDN and NFV conference

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) each offer a great new opportunity for expanded network flexibility and capacity while also providing methods of reducing operating and capital expenses to unlock improved connectivity. Utilizing more “off-the-shelf” hardware and open source-based software solutions; these concepts are in a position to revolutionize networking within the next few years.

Service providers, in both fixed and mobile telecommunications expect exponential growth in data traffic in the coming months and years, as well as a veritable tidal wave of growth in the number of devices that their customers connect to the web. With the global transition to 4G LTE, NFV is establishing a framework for mobile operators to deploy 4G LTE solutions, such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Mobile Core Networks, to fundamentally change the cost equation for building and managing next generation networks. NFV is a framework for implementing multiple software applications on a common general purpose computing platform, where resources are flexibly shared on demand or as scheduled, thus providing significant CAPEX/OPEX savings. NFV employs a software model for implementing network solutions, thus providing service agility and deployment flexibility that cannot be achieved based on a hardware model.

At SDN and NFV: Next Generation Solutions for Network Management, a conference taking place in San Jose, California, scheduled for Dec. 2-4, industry experts and leaders will be gathering to discuss the future of these concepts as solutions to grow and expand network capacity and management. Speaking at the conference and representing 4G Americas will be Carlos Molina, Director of Platform Strategy at Mavenir Systems and co-leader of the 4G Americas NFV work group. He will be speaking on behalf of the association for a presentation titled, Bringing Network Function Virtualization to LTE. Key topics include: planning and investing in NFV and understanding the cost, ROI and deployment considerations; exploring the architecture and ecosystem for NFV, including performance and reliability, the open ecosystem and key solution considerations; reviewing use cases for IMS/VoLTE, ePC and RAN; and laying out the next steps and recommendations for those looking to implement NFV solutions.

“Mobile telecom operators today are managing and running rather complex physical networks with a wide variety of network nodes, technologies and geographical spans. Operators need to evolve their current networks due to the rapidly expanding traffic volumes and the changing nature of that traffic which includes video, connected cars and the Internet of Things,” stated Carlos Molina. “Multiple architectural, operational and organizational challenges may need to be addressed in the gradual transition toward an architecture using NFV platforms.”

Molina continued, “By deploying virtualized solutions today, operators have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the technology and processes related to virtualization, while reaping the benefits of improved service agility, deployment flexibility and reduced CAPEX.”

For more information on the conference, visit Active Communications International’s website. 4G Americas members are eligible for a registration discount using code SNM1 (valid through Nov. 10).

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