2012 Final Four

4/12/12, ISM

The Championship Saturday in New Orleans was incredibly exciting with Kentucky hanging to beat a hard charging Louisville and Kansas actually came back from a double digit deficit to beat favorite Ohio State in a grand finale for the evening. This set up one of the most exciting Championship Games in years with Kentucky battling to claim its eighth National Championship and first with Coach Calipari.

ISM guest speakers were Mick Cronin, University of Cincinnati Head Coach and Sweet 16 team this year, and the legendary Dale Brown. Mick told some great stories and gave insight into the NCAA proceedings that are being changed for student athletes, along with how the game officials are picked from a pool of 12 right before the game to avoid any game fixers trying to get to them. Coach Brown about his time coaching LSU and Shaq, along with any and all Q&A you could imagine. It was an exciting event for ISM!