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Fourth National Microgrids Conference »

Date: 27/05/2015


A Three-Day Conference on Capitalizing on Microgrids for Improved System Energy Efficiency, Reliability, and Providing Enabling Technologies for Grid Independence

ACI (Active Communications International) is holding their Fourth National Conference on Microgrids April 13-15, 2016, in Kansas City, MO. This conference is designed to provide tailored, efficient, and up-to-date information about microgrid technologies to building owners and end users, engineers and utility professionals and includes a wide range of distributed energy technologies.  Technical sessions will address microgrid-related topics including generation, storage and advanced controls, metering and communications and their respective integration into a controlled system that manages energy generation, transmission, distribution, and usage on a small scale as compared to the conventional macrogrid.

How Do We Monetize Microgrids? »

Date: 29/04/2015


What's it worth to society to avoid a power outage? The question nags the microgrid industry. Not knowing makes it hard to monetize microgrids.

As it stands now, grid-connected microgrids provide uncompensated services, chief among them the guarantee that electricity will contnue to flow when the central grid fail.

The ability to avert an outage is not something that's easy to price; in fact, it is complicated enough that someone could do a whole doctoral thesis on it - and someone is.

ACI’S Next Generation Microgrids Conference Nearly Sold Out »

Date: 07/04/2015


S&C, Schneider Electric and Oncor Complete Innovative Microgrid

Unique Microgrid System Demonstrates Distributed Energy Resources and Improves Reliability for Oncor

ACI’s Advanced Biometrics Conference Brings Together Diverse Perspectives, Security Applications »

Date: 18/02/2015


Active Communications International recently held its fascinating Advanced Biometrics: Emerging Trends and Future Applications conference in Washington, D.C. During the informative and productive event, held Feb. 11-13, many leading agencies, companies and organizations came together to have open and engaging discussions, ask questions, network with peers and debate decisions that are impacting the future path of this growing and expanding industry.   

SDN and NFV: Key Concepts to Unlock Improved Connectivity »

Date: 30/10/2014


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) each offer a great new opportunity for expanded network flexibility and capacity while also providing methods of reducing operating and capital expenses to unlock improved connectivity. Utilizing more "off-the-shelf" hardware and open source-based software solutions; these concepts are in a position to revolutionize networking within the next few years.

IMO at ACI's Ballast Water Conference »

Date: 30/10/2014


With IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention approaching its entry-into-force trigger point, IMO’s Markus Helavuori is speaking (29 October 2014) at ACI’s 11th BWM Summit in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting is designed to help the shipping industry prepare for the forthcoming new regulations. 


Visit the IMO website for this story and more here

Markus Helavuori on Ballast Water »

Date: 14/08/2014



Markus Helavuori is Technical Officer at the Marine Environment Division of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), based in London, UK.

EC at Hydropower Development: Europe 2014 Summit »

Date: 11/08/2014


Mr Jonathan Bonadio, European Commission, is Policy Officer at Unit C1 – Renewables and CCS Policy, Directorate for Energy, is presenting at the interactive panel discussion “The Role of Hydropower in the European Energy Mix” at Hydropower Development: Europe 2014, taking place in Porto on 17-18 September.

Grid Scale Energy Storage - A Growing Market »

Date: 01/07/2014


With the existing state of the grid and the need to upgrade power plants, transmission and distribution infrastructure, and renewable integration, energy storage is likely to play an important role in reducing large investments. Energy storage is an attractive market with strong prospects for growth.

What Does It Take to Build a Successful Proton Therapy Center? »

Date: 09/01/2014


John Jessen is the principal-in-charge for the proton therapy design team at VOA Architects based in Washington, DC. He has been a featured speaker for the past three years at the Planning, Building and Operating Successful Proton Therapy Centers conference and will be speaking this year at the 4th annual show taking place Jan. 22-24 in Atlanta. Jessen spoke with DOTmed News about the show, as well as his unique perspective designing proton centers around the world over the past several years.

Realistic Look at Small Modular Reactors in Idaho »

Date: 05/11/2013


From October 30 through November 1, 2013, a group of about 150 people with questioning attitudes about small, modular reactors (SMR) met in Idaho Springs, Idaho. They were treated to a number of presentations that described the technical progress that has been made so far and also provided a realistic, sobering look at the long, challenging development path that must be traversed to allow the technology to begin contributing to the world's energy security.

Game Changer for Lung Cancer Announced Today »

Date: 29/07/2013


The USPSTF today issued a draft recommendation giving its second highest approval rating for CT screening for lung cancer for those at high risk, a move that if approved in final form, will trigger Medicare and insurance coverage and bring about a dramatic drop in the leading cause of cancer deaths.

Berlin Announced as Host City of ACIs 2013 Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit »

Date: 14/05/2013


After much deliberation and anticipation and we are pleased to confirm the dates and location for ACI’s Inaugural Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit as 30-31  October 2013 Berlin, Germany.  Join your fellow peers for two days of interactive discussions,  excellent networking opportunities  with  key  industry  stakeholders  from  all facets of the hydrogen economy to discuss the required economical and infrastructural  support for a sustainable future energy carrier.

Visit to E ONs New Rotterdam MPP3 Plant »

Date: 09/05/2013


A group of attendees to ACI’s 5th Annual Carbon Capture & Storage Summit will be visiting E.ON’s new MPP3 power plant as well as the already scheduled trip to the CATO-2 Catcher Pilot at MPP1/2.

The 1,100MW coal-fired power plant started up in 2012 and is equipped for CO2 capture.

ACI is proud to announce an exclusive visit to the Port of Durban. »

Date: 19/03/2013


Gain exclusive access to the Port of Durban on the morning for the 21st of May. Experience the set of coordinated projects and investments in transportation, logistics and environmental infrastructures planned for the expansion of Durban port for the next 20 years.

Register early to guarantee your place as only limited spaces are available.

ACI to Host National Forum on Insourcing »

Date: 11/03/2013


This conference will feature the most highly regarded leaders, innovators and insourcing experts from companies who have brought jobs back to or decided to make significant investments in the United States.

ACI Proton Therapy Centers Conference Touts Bright Future for Proton Therapy »

Date: 11/03/2013


ACI held its THIRD National Conference on "Planning, Building and Operating Successful Proton Therapy Centers" February, 20-22 in San Diego, California. This event featured record attendance and an outstanding audience of oncology administrators representing hospitals and healthcare facilities nationally and internationally. The conference received an overall rating of Excellent from conference attendees.

ACI Launches World Industrial Automation Summit 2013 »

Date: 11/03/2013


ACI is pleased to announce the World Industrial Automation Summit 2013 focusing on future developments of industrial process control & automation, yield management, optimum asset utilisation and maintenance efficiency. The flexible and integrated manufacturing model of producers is driving the latest trends in industrial automation R&D.


Thus, if you are looking for a modern industrial automation system which is adaptable, modular, smart and efficient look no further than ACI`s World Industrial Automation Summit 2013.


For further information please contact Tamás Joó on 0044 (0)20 3141 0643 or

Stergios Zacharakis Joins ACI's Energy, Oil & Gas Team »

Date: 01/03/2013


ACI is pleased to welcome Stergios Zacharakis to the Energy, Oil & Gas team. Stergios has a very strong foundation both from his M.Sc. in Energy & Environmental Technology & Economics from City University (UK) and M.Eng. in Environmental Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace (Greece) as well as organising the first Greek Conference of Environmental Engineering in May 2009.

Stergios is currently working on Bioenergy Commodity Trading 2013 which will be taking place in Brussels, Belgium, on 20-21 November. For further information please contact Stergios Zacharakis on 0044 (0)20 7981 2508 or

Smart Grid Insights »

Date: 22/01/2013


Smart Grid Index: January 2013

This month’s Smart Grid Index (SGI) results show that overall Smart Grid sentiment edged up slightly in January. Utility sentiment increased for the second month in row, up by 4 percentage points in January. Over the next 12 months, forty-one percent of respondents indicated that North America represented the best opportunity for utility related information and communication technologies (ICTs). Almost half of the vendors surveyed closed a new deal last month, while 61% of utilities expect to submit new Smart Grid proposals for budget approval over the next 12 months. Utilities surveyed said that their biggest concern in deploying Smart Grid technologies was the integration of systems or networks that used to be silos (55%).

Q&A with Jeff Bordok »

Date: 11/01/2013


Advanced Particle Therapy's CEO offers some advice on what to see at this year's show

Leading up to the third annual conference on Planning, Building and Operating Successful Proton Therapy Centers, being held February 20-22, 2013 in San Diego, Calif., DOTmed News spoke with Advanced Particle Therapy CEO Jeff Bordok about what to expect at this year's show, including a tour of their 102,00-square-foot Scripps Proton Therapy Center - the first in San Diego County and one of the only 10 nationwide to offer proton therapy.

ACI's 3rd Annual Planning, Building and Operating Proton Therapy Centers »

Date: 11/12/2012


Bringing the Leading Edge of Cancer Treatment to More Patients

After our two consecutive successful Proton Therapy events, the third annual, leading national conference on Planning, Building and Operating Successful Proton Therapy Centers will be held February 20-22, 2013 in San Diego, California. This premier event in Proton Therapy feature real world case studies, research findings, planning and organizational Models and Outcomes from national and international Proton Therapy centers and facilities.

Lung Cancer Screening and Continuum of Care brings in Rave Reviews »

Date: 10/12/2012


The 1st National ACI conference on Achieving Excellence in Lung Cancer & Continuum of Care conference held December 5-7, co-sponsored by the Lung Cancer Alliance, was held at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel in Washington, DC.   The event had great response from all delegates for a first time conference, demonstrating the burgeoning interest in this nascent industry. This event is the foremost gathering for executives who run, or want to run the most widespread area of cancerous disease known to date.

Event: Smart Transportation »

Date: 01/10/2012


Pike Research Senior Research Analyst Lisa Jerram will present: The Smart City Movement - How Will This Drive Adoption of Innovative Transportation Solutions at 9:00 am on Thursday. To schedule a meeting at this event, please contact us.



Conference of Key Influencers in Spine »

Date: 15/03/2012


On May 2, 2012, leaders in spine will gather in Allentown, PA for a strategic event, focusing on how hospitals can develop, improve and optimize the Spine Center of Excellence model to meet the patient demand and improve outcomes. The conference will include interactive panels, roundtables, debates and discussions addressing topics such as the future of spine center patient services; in patient verses out patient care and opportunities; the stigma of spine; and techniques to optimize patient and physician satisfaction, quality and cost effectiveness. 

2nd Proton Therapy Centers Recap »

Date: 01/03/2012


The 2nd National ACI conference on Planning, Building and Operating Successful Proton Therapy Centers, co-sponsored by the National Association for Proton Therapy, was held February 22-24, 2012 at the KingsMill Resort & Spa in Williamsburg Virginia.  The event nearly tripled the previous year attendance, demonstrating the burgeoning interest in this nascent industry.  This event is the foremost gathering for executives who run or want to run one of the most advanced, and expensive, medical technologies on the planet. 

York-Antwerp Rules, by Ben Browne »

Date: 01/02/2012


There are about 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally and a fair estimate would be that these generate between 1,000 and 1,500 declarations of general average each year.

Highest rated Breast Center event! »

Date: 01/11/2011


The Comprehensive Breast Centers of Excellence conference rated the highest of any of the Breast Center events with 60% rating the conference EXCELLENT.

Siemens Press Release »

Date: 06/01/2012


ATLANTA, January 6, 2012 -- Siemens Industry, Inc. will be speaking and presenting a thought leadership workshop on reducing costs through integrated control systems during the Advanced Lithium Ion Battery International Symposium in Charlotte, North Carolina, April 18-20, 2012.

 This presentation will show how battery manufacturers can reduce total cost of ownership, increase productivity, and improve overall product quality with Siemens automation and drive technologies.

Visitors to the Siemens booth will also have opportunities to receive a free global market study, information on how to optimize control systems architecture, and learn how to leverage innovative technologies to help make lithium ion batteries more competitive in this global market. By leveraging open architecture technologies available with Siemens industrial PC’s, PLCs and human machine interface (HMI) screens, attendees should be equipped to increase the transparency and robustness of their battery manufacturing plant.



Opening a successful Proton Therapy Center? »

Date: 25/10/2011


Proton therapy, as a successful commercial venture – the technology has been around since the 1950s thanks to studies done at Harvard University -- is a fairly new and quite exciting cancer treatment option due to its great reduced side-effects when compared to other treatments.  It is, however, an extremely expensive proposition.  With the cost of building a proton therapy center running from $100 million to $300 or more, it’s not surprising there are only nine such centers in the U.S. today, and about 25 around the world.

So where would you start if you wanted to investigate the economics of opening a center in your region of the country?  Well, you might be surprised to learn that Hampton University has an annual conference dedicated to just that topic.



ACI Launches its 1st US Biodiesel Forum »

Date: 21/10/2011


US Biodiesel-2011 is a world-class summit for biodiesel producers to promote implementation of the Renewable fuels and its impact on economy and to cover comprehensive issues from public and private sectors. Presentations from leading Energy Companies, including Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P and Hawaiian Electric underscored how the U.S. biodiesel infrastructure has been developed and where it must go next. 

ACI’s 2nd Annual Proton Therapy Conference »

Date: 22/02/2012


The National Association for Proton Therapy has been named the official media partner for ACI’s second annual PLANNING, BUILDING AND OPERATING SUCCESSFUL PROTON THERAPY CENTERS conference, February 22-24, 2012 in Hampton, Virginia. 



4th National Comprehensive Breast Centers of Excellence »

Date: 26/10/2011


ACI continues its series of leading and innovative hospital and healthcare service line conferences with our 4th National Comprehensive Breast Centers of Excellence; Developing and Implementing Comprehensive Breast Programs and Services to Maximize Competitive Advantage, Meet Increased Demand and Exceed Patient Satisfaction conference October 26-28, 2011 in Atlanta Georgia.  


Cardiovascular Centers of Excellence »

Date: 09/12/2011


Baylor Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital is comprised of five cardiac suites, one cardiac/peripheral suite, and one endovascular suite.  Baylor Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital is a teaching hospital with cardiac and vascular fellows participating in procedures. The cardiology fellowship duration is three years with two fellows accepted into the program each year. We do have a cardiology interventional fellowship, which consists of one fellow for an additional year. Our vascular surgical fellowship is two years, with two fellows accepted per year. 

Sustainable Press Release »

Date: 13/05/2011


ACI held its 4th Sustainable Hospitals conference in cooperation with the San Diego chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), May 4-6 in San Diego. The conference will brought together healthcare executives from across the US and Europe to discuss the challenges in existing healthcare facilities and the opportunities to improve patient experience, reduce energy use and save money.

Cypress Envirosystems and John Picard lead the discussion at the Conference. “This is the fourth Sustainable Hospitals conference, and each time we seek out innovators that are driving change in the industry,” said Steve Eck, the meeting organizer. “We’re pleased with the excitement that Cypress Envirosystems and John Picard are generating.”

John Picard served as the keynote speaker and master of ceremonies of this event. Picard is well known for the work he did during the Clinton Administration on the Greening of the White House project, which was instrumental in the formation of the USGBC. Picard has implemented groundbreaking sustainable practices in a wide range of industries and has most recently advised the United Kingdom’s National Health Service on sustainable strategies for their network. Doug Kot, the Executive Director of the USGBC San Diego chapter, said “John Picard is a driving force in the adoption of sustainable technologies; I am excited to know that he is now applying his considerable influence toward the sustainable transformation of healthcare facilities. Perhaps most important for the conference, John has a natural ability to get people excited about sustainability and to inspire change."

The conference showcased the first LEED gold certified community clinic in the US, with a site visit to La Maestra Community Health Center. Other speakers will included representatives from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, The Children’s Hospital of Aurora, Colorado, Harley Ellis Devereaux, Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Ashen and Allen.

Adding, Updating and Expanding...Comprehensive Stroke Centers of Excellence »

Date: 13/09/2010


Stroke is the No. 3 killer in the United States, and a leading cause of adult disability. Research states that approximately 700,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year and the annual stroke incidence is estimated to reach 1.1 million by 2015. With the stroke patient population on the rise, it is very critical for you to carefully prepare for this impact and explore new opportunities for development of Stroke Centers, which includes the strategic funding, cost and resource assessment, development and management of acute stroke units, addition of diagnostic services, and medical staff. An organized and well-planned approach to stroke treatment can result in improved patient care, long-term financial benefits and an increased competitive advantage for your organization.

ACI's 2nd Comprehensive Breast Centers of Excellence »

Date: 30/06/2010


ACI’s 2nd Comprehensive Breast Centers of Excellence conference held at the Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia, PA was a success. The conference focused around hands-on case studies and interactive sessions on a variety of breast cancer related topics and received excellent feedback.

ACI's 5th National Conference »

Date: 20/10/2010


But the takeover by the New England Sports Ventures requires resolution of a legal dispute with the Reds' American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Protesters at the Carbon Capture Conference »

Date: 05/20/2010


Protesters gather outside conference

Comprehensive Cancer Programs and Services »

Date: 05/04/2010


Join us July 21-23, 2010 for Adding, Updating and Expanding Comprehensive Cancer Programs and Services For Hospitals and Health Systems, and hear from organizations–from a community hospital to a national brand–with progressive cancer programs that are positioned to meet evolving physician and patient demands.

Next Generation Comprehensive Breast Centers Of Excellence »

Date: 05/04/2010


Americans older than 65 years are expected to double from 40 million in 2010 to 80 million in 2040. This will lead to a large increase in breast cancer among American women. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the United States and the leading single cause of death overall in women between the ages of 40 and 55. According to the American Cancer Society, nationwide, there is a new diagnosis every 3 minutes and a death from breast cancer every 14 minutes.

3rd National Conference on Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring »

Date: 01/29/2010


ACI is proud to announce its 3rd national conference on Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring, April 28-30, 2010 in Silver Spring, MD.

ACI's 5th National Conference on Emergency Rooms of the Future »

Date: 01/15/2010


ACI’s 5th National Conference on EMERGENCY ROOMS OF THE FUTURE
April 21-23, 2010 • Boston, Massachusetts

Smart Grid Revolution »

Date: 01/15/2010


Smart Grid Revolution, February 18-19, Austin, TX Implementing and Deploying Smart Grid Strategies to Improve Operational Efficiencies, Reliability, Customer Retention, and Optimize Asset Utilization

Biologics: The Pharmaceutical Future Conference »

Date: 11/17/2009


Biologic medicines are the fastest-growing class of drugs in the pharmaceutical world. With more than 300 different drugs, Biologics have literally flooded the pharmaceutical market!

Women's Health Centers of Excellence »

Date: 11/17/2009


Women's Health Centers of Excellence; a cutting edge conference designed specifically for program directors and administrators to help successfully add, update, and expand Women's Healthcare facilities and services.

Neuroscience/Spine Centers of Excellence »

Date: 11/16/2009


ACI is proud to announce its national conference on Neuroscience/Spine Centers of Excellence, January 27-29, 2010 at Goldman Auditorium - Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ

Clean Offshore Technology Congress »

Date: 10/19/2009


ACI presents one of the most prestigious exploration and production Events in the industry - Clean offshore Technology Congress. This year’s Congress addresses virtually every technology issue that a E&P operator will ever have to face. These challenges open up a vast number of technical topics for the upcoming congress program. Plan now to join industry colleagues and congress host for Clean Offshore Technology (COT) International Congress & Exhibition 7 – 9 December 2009 in Houston, Texas, USA

7th National Conference on Comprehensive Stroke Centers of Excellence »

Date: 10/13/2009


ACI is proud to announce its 7th National Conference on Comprehensive Stroke Centers of Excellence, November 4-6, 2009 at Intercontinental Hotel Chicago, IL.

Best Practices In Electronic Health Records »

Date: 07/31/2009


Implementing and Maintaining Electronic Health Records to Improve Quality and Efficiency, Reduce Costs. Eliminate Errors and Increase Customer Retention

Tsavliris Salvage reports »

Date: 30/11/2010


Active Communications International held the inaugural Maritime Salvage Conference in London on 8th and 9th September, with attendance from a vast range of stakeholders

Orthopedic Programs and Services Conference »

Date: 01/12/2010


Active Communications International held our annual Orthopedic Programs and Services Conference in Dallas, TX, in February, 2010 with attendance from a vast range of top tier healthcare professionals from across the country. The conference was chaired by Robert K. Smoldt of the Mayo Clinic, who set the tone for the two day conference in his Keynote Address by how to successfully compete in healthcare with the new value based Health policies.

Comprehensive Cancer Center Review »

Date: 17/03/2011


The conference focused on developing, building and expanding Cancer Center facilities to efficiently and effectively operate business and treat cancer patients. Participants learned how proper business assessment and implementation of cutting edge programs into their centers can help  to meet and exceed the demands of today's oncology patients, gain competitive advantage and improve the quality of care. The goal of this event was to bring industry leaders together, highlight the best practice achievements, as well as discuss the current issues/challenges faced by healthcare executives.

ACI's 3rd National Breast Centers of Excellence Conference A Success »

Date: 03/02/2011


ACI’s 3rd Annual National Breast Centers of Excellence Conference was held January 26-28, 2011 in West Palm Beach, Florida was a resounding success and received excellent reviews from attendees. The conference featured a tour of Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Breast Center of Excellence, as well as a networking reception held in the center’s atrium. MaryJean Houlahan, Manager, Oncology Patient Navigator Program, Comprehensive Breast Center, Good Samaritan Medical Center chaired and presented at the event.

ACI's Proton Therapy Centers Conference Review »

Date: 22/02/2011


ACI held its first National Conference on "Planning, Building and Operating Successful Proton Therapy Centers" February, 17-18 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The conference focused on planning, developing, building and operating Proton Therapy facilities to bring the leading edge of cancer treatment to more patients.   Participants learned how the planning, building and operating of a successful proton therapy centers can help  to meet and exceed the demands of today's oncology patients, gain competitive advantage and improve the quality of care. The goal of this event was to bring industry leaders together, highlight the best practice achievements, as well as discuss the current issues/challenges faced by healthcare executives.

Stroke Press Release »

Date: 01/06/2011


ACI’s Adding, Updating and Expanding Comprehensive Stroke Centers of Excellence conference was a success on many levels---from delegates to speakers to sponsorship. 


The conference featured a tour of Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla lead by Martha Ackman, Stroke Program Coordinator at Scripps Health.


The conference included presentations from some of the best and brightest Stoke Centers.  Topics included; Joint Commission Primary Stroke Certification, Addressing Disease-Specific Care Standards, Saving Lives with Telestroke and The Business of Stroke.


One of the highlights of the conference was a presentation by group of clinicians who are active participants in virtual care. Dr Andrew Barbash gave a presentation on communications advances in support of Stroke centers of excellence.  Because the meeting was in San Diego and it was not an easy time to make a trip across the country for a few hours presentation, the presentation was done "virtually" but in a way that was gratifying for the participants who were in the conference room…i.e. to replicate the actual experience of being there.  It created a virtual live "panel discussion" to answer questions from the audience. This was a pretty amazing experience for all involved and a great demonstration of the quality and power of the virtual consult room model.

ACO Innovative Conference Recap »

Date: 19/09/2011


The conference focused on all aspects of developing and implementing an Accountable Care Organization.   The goal of this event was to bring industry leaders together, highlight the best practice achievements, as well as discuss the current issues/challenges faced by healthcare executives.


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