SpineMark Corporation & Active Communications International Host Interactive Conference of Key Influencers in Spine

15/03/2012, ACI

Leader in Spine Care Services joins forces with the leader in conference planning & production to create a forum for improvements in Spine, paving the way for improved universal healthcare

San Diego, CA (March 15, 2012) - SpineMark Corporation, a San Diego based spine care services organization that partners with hospitals and physicians to develop Spine Centers of Excellence (COE), announced today a two and a half day interactive event, bringing together the key opinion leaders in the spinal care industry to discuss, debate and ultimately change the future of the industry.

On May 2, 2012, leaders in spine will gather in Allentown, PA for a strategic event, focusing on how hospitals can develop, improve and optimize the Spine Center of Excellence model to meet the patient demand and improve outcomes. The conference will include interactive panels, roundtables, debates and discussions addressing topics such as the future of spine center patient services; in patient verses out patient care and opportunities; the stigma of spine; and techniques to optimize patient and physician satisfaction, quality and cost effectiveness.

Key speakers include influential industry leaders David Cutler, Ph.D. Healthcare Advisor Harvard Healthcare Economics, Marcy Rogers, National Chairperson, and President and CEO of SpineMark Corporation,  Robin Young, CFA, Founder and President of RRY Publications, Jeff Simmons, Chief Development Officer, Regents Surgical Health, Ian Cowill, Director of Clinical Product Management, Ph.Dx and others. In addition leading presidents and CEO’s, nurses and chief development officers from various hospitals as well as small number of surgeons from  across the nation including Greg Stock, President and CEO of Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, Chris Lycette, MD Co-Chief, Division of Spine Surgery Lehigh Valley Health Network and Gina Terrell, Director of Neuroscience Riverside Methodist Hospital, will present at the meeting and participate in panels.

“The Spine COE Conference is the collaboration of the masterminds in the world of spine, coming together to bring about a positive change that will result in improved outcomes for both the patients and the hospitals,” explains Marcy Rogers, President and CEO of SpineMark Corporation. “By participating in this conference hospital leaders and even physicians will understand the benefits of the Spine Center of Excellence model: a comprehensive care model that aligns the interests of patients, physicians and facilities to offer quality-based care with measurable results.”

SpineMark first developed the Center of Excellence model in 2004 and has since opened Spine Centers of Excellence all over the world. A Center of Excellence model provides the community with a single access point for an integrated and collaborative team of spine specialists, including a “go to” point of contact for the patients, known as the Nurse Navigator. The Nurse Navigator ensures that each patient has access to the team of physicians, from physical therapists to surgeons and pain management specialists, and that the physicians are in constant communication reporting the results and feedback on each case. The result is cost-effective exceptional care, from the right providers, with access to the right treatments, to begin as soon as possible. In order to constantly advance care, a wrap organization for research is created for participation in clinical trials.

“The evolution of spine is following the pathway carved out in cardiology and oncology fueled by minimally invasive techniques, procedures, new biomaterials and technology that can be performed in an outpatient setting,” continues Marcy Rogers.  “Spine as a field is at a cross roads, and in order to meet patient demand and payor criteria, a Center of Excellence model must align and vest all stakeholders in a disease based, protocol driven, quality metrix guided paradigm.  Through outcome and triage/process data collection and the integration of clinical care delivery and research, this model will effectively reposition the credibility and efficacy of spine as well as change the face of healthcare.”

About SpineMark

SpineMark Corporation is an innovative service organization dedicated to transforming the delivery of spine care.  The company partners with hospitals and physicians across the United States and abroad to develop and operate comprehensive, evidence-based spine centers of excellence.  By building a global network of spine centers, spine research organizations and state-of-the-art medical conference facilities, SpineMark is improving the overall quality of life of patients afflicted with spine disorders and injuries.