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Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2017

Date: 29th November 2017 - 30th November 2017 Location: Amsterdam - The Netherlands

The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) estimates that only 6.5 percent of total global potential has been tapped so far. With recent developments in the industry, unlocking the potential for new untapped sources of geothermal energy production, we are entering a new dawn for the geothermal energy industry.

ACI’s 5th Global Geothermal Energy Summit will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With The Dutch governments ambitious plans to have all residential buildings to be off gas in 2050, geothermal energy has an important part to play in this transition. The conference will give the latest updates on the global geothermal energy market and its new developments. Showcasing new techniques and technologies that are paving the way for the sector and expanding the geographical regions where exploration can take place.

With Geothermal energy production being one of the lowest forms of CO2 producing energy sources, its development and worldwide deployment is vital in the reduction in worldwide targets for CO2 reduction. The two day event will provide key insights into the opportunities, challenges, global trends and policies, through expert led case study presentations, interactive sessions and discussions giving practical examples of planning, financing and technological strategies shaping the future of geothermal energy production whilst networking with industry peers from across the geothermal power value chain.

Exclusive Site Visit : Trias Westland

A Geothermal heat plant in Westland, Netherlands
On 28th November, a day prior to the conference, a limited number of attendees will receive the unique opportunity to visit Trias Westland plant in Westland. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on first come – first served basis. Please register your attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference.
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Who Will You Meet At The Event:

Senior representatives from national utility companies, technology developers and providers, geothermal project developers, energy regulators and industry analysts, legal companies, energy investors, research organisations, consultants, power production plants and drilling exploration companies.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Frank Schoof, Chairman, Platform Geothermie

Charlotte De Wijkerslooth, Business Ontwikkelaar Lokale Warmte, HVC Group

Jan Diederik van Wees, TNO

Rikardur Rikardsson, Managing Director, Landsvirkjun Power

Charlotte De Wijkerslooth, Business Ontwikkelaar Lokale Warmte, HVC Group

Bertran De Lange, Geothermal Manager, ECW Netwerk

Pernilla Gervind, Project Manager, Research Institutes Of Sweden – RISE

Clément Baujard, Reservoir Engineer, ÉS Géothermie

Constant Maton, Project Director Business Development , Storengy

Mathieu Poesen, Regional Sales Director Benelux, DACH And Russia/Caspian, Crosby Europe

Alexandre Kane, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Materials And Chemistry

Horst Kreuter, Managing Director, GeoThermal Engineering GmbH

Edward Calthrop, Deputy Economic Adviser, European Investment Bank

Alan Davis, Managing Director & CEO, Starlight Investments

Ben Laenen, Research Coordinator, Vito

Floris Veeger, Project Manager Geothermie Trias Westland, HYDRECO

Koenraad Beckers, Postdoctoral Researcher, Thermal Systems R&D Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Eveline Rosendaal, Programme Manager Geo-Energy, EBN 

Ricardo Pasquali, Director, GeoServ Solutions


29th November 2017
30th November 2017
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Ketan Kulkarni – Delegate Sales
+91 020 6527 2807
Rohan Baryah – Marketing, Sales & Media Partnerships
+ 48 (0)61 646 7022
Aleksandre Chrikishvili – Sponsorship
+48 (0) 61 646 9780
Daniel Laverty – Content
+44 (0)20 3141 0612
Jayme Burns – Logistics
+44 (0) 203 141 0640


Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam
Damrak 1-5
Amsterdam, 1012 LG Netherlands
+ Google Map
31 (0) 20 623 4255

Trias Westland, Geothermal heat plant in Naaldwijk, South Holland is co-owned by three third-party investors – Dutch municipal utilities HVC & Capturam, as well as national greenhouse co-operative Royal Flora Holland.

The first geothermal deal in the Netherlands to limited-recourse elements – a landmark that may mean it serves as the blueprint for the sector

Trias Westland has existed as a concept for nearly a decade, and its ultimate owners are a coalition of 49 local greenhouse companies, which are also acting as heat off takers.

In Westland alone, these companies collectively use as much gas for heating as 800,000 households, and as a result have been the driving force behind geothermal development in the country, seeing it as a way to lower their energy costs and move away from    conventional heat sources.

On Tuesday 28th, November 2017, a limited group of Global Geothermal Energy Summit delegates will have a unique    opportunity to visit the project. There is no extra charge to join the site visit, although places are limited and allocated on a first served basis. Please confirm your attendance when booking for the conference.


Site visit itinerary

14:30 Arrival at Royal FloraHolland (RFH), Middelbroekweg 29, Honselersdijk www.royalfloraholland.com

14:30 Reception visitors with coffee, tea and drinks

14:45 Presentation Rachid Maghnouji (manager RFH) and Marco van Soerland (director Trias Westland)

15:45 Departure to Trias Westland, Langebroekweg 68, Naaldwijk

16:00 Visit drilling site Trias Westland www.triaswestland.nl

17:00 End of visit

The Institute for International Co-operation (INICOP) is a non-profit organisation. The main aim is to improve and support the worldwide co-operation of single persons and organisations in the field of research, science and technology. INICOP provides a webbased platform which summarises relevant information improving international co-operation. This shall be achieved by the collection of the following data:

>events, conferences, fairs and workshops
>instruments for the funding of international co-operation
>Awards and competitions
>Organisations which are interested in the exchange of scientists, students, etc.

Navigant Research is a market research and consulting team that provides in-depth analysis of global clean technology markets. The team’s research methodology combines supply-side industry analysis, end-user primary research and demand assessment, and deep examination of technology trends to provide a comprehensive view of these industry sectors. http://www.navigantresearch.com

The economic design of a future-proof, secure and affordable energy supply is very exciting and highly interesting. The potential of energy efficiency and renewable energy is huge and absolutely fascinating. The topic has always interested me, as mentioned above.

However, it lacks good information and education, which is all feasible. I also miss a lot of criticism in the public debate, sometimes even lacks a discussion, for example, the issue of energy efficiency. The media coverage is usually very one-sided, in favor of the previous energy structure, and also presented in simplified form.

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy saving are the solutions for the energy supply of the future. Continuing the existing structure also requires large investments, but these are not viable due to limited resources and negative impacts on the climate.

In addition, a decentralized energy supply has a lot in common with new media, in both of them everyone can become producers and consumers.

WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. is a one-stop, informative monthly drilling magazine focusing on drilling professionals and their specific wants and needs, worldwide. From construction / geotechnical, directional, environmental, exploration / blasthole, shallow gas and oil, to geothermal, mining, and water, WorldWide Drilling Resource® is known throughout the industry as the resource for drilling information.

The WWDR Team can easily be identified by their bright red jackets as they travel the world photographing and documenting events, products, and people, to an average of 40 international trade events annually. A reliable print resource magazine is delivered each month, and is absolutely free for anyone working in the drilling industry. The WWDR Team works tirelessly to keep the website, www.worldwidedrillingresource.com, and magazine relevant and current to serve the industry effectively.

WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. is here to serve you – the drilling industry. The company’s friendly group of editorial and public relations staff are committed to the success of the international drilling community.

Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation – Acerc

Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation – ACERC is a think tank centre with focus on the Albania energy market and its integration in the regional Iem. The Acerc mission base on in-depth knowledge of EU regional energy and clime law and policy and strives to provide a qualified contribution to the promotion of the liberalization and effective integration as well as efficient use of energy resources.

Acerc main activities briefly consists in build-up collaborations and supports to market players in study research such as the certificate reports, articles and periodicals. The transfer of high expertise through building-up institutional capacities by national and regional training courses, seminars and conferences. The institutional representation and integration within national and international public and regulations authorities.
For more visit the Official Website of Acerc |

EBR (Energy Business Review) is a well established online knowledge portal for the entire energy community. It has an audience of over one million hits a year in addition to more than 150,000 registered, opt-in subscribers across the group. Each industry sector has its own landing page with homepages and network sites drilling down into the relevant subsectors, providing you with the latest industry news, whitepapers, feature articles, suppliers directory, newsletters, and more. For the latest biofuels and biomass news and technical papers or to sign up to our free newsletter visit: http://bit.ly/2rx4LWN

NRG Expert provides cutting-edge energy market reports, databases, forecasts, consultancy and analysis to the world’s leading companies, consultancies and investment houses. Phone us to access over a million lines of world-wide energy data, analysis and information, collected from 100+ trusted sources.

We provide energy data, reports, and statistics in the following sectors: Power and InfrastructureMetering & Smart GridUtility GuidesFossil Fuel & Conventional Energy;Renewable Energy; Water & Waste; and Finance & Regulatory as well as Country Specific data through our Almanac.


Enerope is an overall  energy portal  on a European scale. It is designed  for  experts and management within the energy industry. The platform continuously offers relevant information about all energy  fields. Beside country-specific information, enerope brings you a pan=European  overview on market players and on up-to-date topics.

enerope is spilt up into two  main components, namely:

– market players and events calendar

– knowledge management (for  members only)

enerope  comprises numerous multi=lingual databases,  offering comprehensive information through selective filters. These include:

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– and many more

For more information, please visit www.enerope.eu

Power World Analysis is dedicated to bringing you the latest news and updates under Energy and Power Sector. We keep industry professionals and decision makers informed about this fast and dynamic Energy and Power market and enable them to make strategic decisions.

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  • Analysis of the Current Geothermal Situation
  • Financing New Developments – Overcoming the First Hurdle
  • Geothermal District Heating & Cooling
  • Exploring the potential of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) and its’ implications on the geothermal industry
  • Geothermal Power Production: Case Studies
  • Synergies with the oil & gas industries – Re-use of oil wells & dual production potential
  • Recent developments with binary power plants: Case studies
  • Legal & Regulatory Framework for Geothermal Development
  • Geothermal Drilling: New Technology Analysis
  • CO2 plume geothermal power (CPG) – Potential to revolutionise the geothermal industry?
  • Project Updates: Power Production
  • Focus on the Host Nation – Germany
  • Stimulating Geothermal Financial Resource Mobilisation
  • Kicking the Coal Habit: Eliminating Dependency on Fossil Fuels

If you would like to be considered as a speaker for the event with a 30-45 minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:


Daniel Laverty

Tel: +44 (0)20 3141 0612

Email: dlaverty@acieu.net

Senior representatives from national utility companies, technology developers and providers, geothermal project developers, energy regulators and industry analysts, legal companies, energy investors, research organisations, consultants, power production plants and drilling and exploration companies

Bertran De Lange, Geothermal Manager, ECW Netwerk

Pernilla Gervind, Project Manager, Research Institutes Of Sweden – RISE

Clément Baujard, Reservoir Engineer, ÉS Géothermie

Frank Schoof, Chairman, Platform Geothermie

Constant Maton, Project Director Business Development , Storengy

Mathieu Poesen, Regional Sales Director Benelux, DACH And Russia/Caspian, Crosby Europe

Jan Diederik van Wees, TNO

Marco van Soerland, Director, HVC Groep & Trias Westland

Charlotte De Wijkerslooth, Business Ontwikkelaar Lokale Warmte, HVC Group

Alexandre Kane, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Materials And Chemistry

Horst Kreuter, Managing Director, GeoThermal Engineering GmbH

Senior Representative, EBN

Tim Smit, European Investment Bank

Jesper Baunsgaard, COO, Ross Engineering

David Simons, Exploration Manager, Geoop

Ben Laenen, Research Coordinator, Vito

Floris Veeger, Project Manager Geothermie Trias Westland, HYDRECO

Shell Global Solutions International BV * Saudi Aramco / PSP&E Energy * Linde-KCA-Dresden GmbH * Vattenfall A/S * Ministry For Foreign Affairs Iceland * Acciona Energia * Nordural * SEE Lcd * S&L Consulting SA * Schlumberger Petroleum Services C.V * Iceland Drilling * DnB NOR Bank ASA * Samorka – Icelandic Energy & Utlities * University Of Massachusetts * Geothermie- Zentrum * Reboot & Associate LTD * Baker Hughes * Borfelag Islands * Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH * Orka Energy * Cluff Geothermal Ltd. * KPMG Iceland * Honeywell Aerospace * SWECO * Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB * Cluff Geothermal Ltd. * Mannvit –Iceland * Landsvirkjun * Caldera Energy Arion * BankAlcoa * IcelandLandsbankinn HF * RAE * GDF SUEZ Energy International * (CanGea) Canadian Geothermal Association * GT Energy * Islandsbanki * EnBW Energie * Green Energy Group AS * ON (Our Nature) * ST1 Deep Heat Ltd * VITO * Enel * and many more…

ECM Technologies produces metal products by the means of ECM (Electrochemical Machining) a technology based on electrolysis in 3D complex geometries. This metal machining technology makes it feasible to machine hard and impossible to machine metal alloys in complex shapes and high volumes. Under the brand name of EC-Profile the technology is developed to produce the components for the MtM (Metal to Metal) motors for drilling. Conventional PDM/ PCP are produced containing a polymer layer that can be used in an environment to a temperature of max 185 degrees C. With a MtM motor it will be feasible to drill deeper and hotter up to 300 degrees C plus. This makes the MtM motor an interesting motor for Geothermal applications.

EC-Profile is producing tubes (Stator helix tube) with this complex internal helical geometry and will also produce the rotor with this helical structure on the OD. Combining both Stator and Rotor production in house will give the ability to produce a motor with the best fit and seal. This technology will also be applicable to produce “perfect” threading for down hole tubing with an optimized sealing as it will be machined without any contact and external force giving a perfect round threading in the tube. The technology can also be used for producing cooling fins on the interior of a tube for maximizing heat transfer in different applications but can also be applied for anti-scaling structures on the inside of tubes.

www.ec-profile.com www.electrochemicalmachining.com


CGG is a fully integrated Geoscience company providing leading geological, geophysical and reservoir capabilities to its broad base of customers primarily from the global oil and gas industry. Through its three complementary businesses of Equipment, Acquisition and Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir (GGR), CGG brings value across all aspects of natural resource exploration and exploitation.

CGG employs around 5,500 people around the world, all with a Passion for Geoscience and working together to deliver the best solutions to its customers.

Key figures:

Annual turnover 2016:       1,196 m dollars
Export areas:                        Worldwide
30 Subsurface Imaging centers
40 locations worldwide
Number of employees:      5,500 employees
400 staff dedicated R&D
Year founded:                       1931



The Crosby Group is the world leader in manufacturing of accessories for lifting, rigging, securement and material handling applications. Throughout our valued distributor partners or direct to original equipment manufacturers, we supply to a wide range of industries from oil and gas exploration & extraction, over mining, fishing and marine, to non-residential construction and infrastructure.
Global headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA, with additional North America based operations in Longview, TX, Jacksonville, AR and Brampton, Ontario (Canada). Our EMEA regional HQ is in Heist op den Berg – Belgium, with other European manufacture plants and operations in Putte – Belgium, Ede – Netherlands, Joigny and Boulay – France and West Midlands in the UK. Other regional operations are located in Singapore, Brazil and China (Hangzhou).
The Crosby group is offering a complete and comprehensive product portfolio which covers wire rope clips, hooks, shackles, lifting clamps, hoist rings, overhaul balls, crane blocks and sheaves. Our premium brands include – Crosby, McKissick, Lebus, National Swage, CrosbyIP, Chaines Zimmerman.



Fangmann Energy Services is a German mid-sized service company most experienced in the areas of well stimulation, cementing, downhole tools, engineering design, lab services and well testing for the oil & gas, geothermal and UGS industry.

As operating conditions vary fundamentally for each well, we continuously advance and optimize existing procedures while at the same time focusing on the environmental impact of our products.

These values qualifies us as a competent and reliable partner for consulting, project planning, execution, analysis and modelling services, while always working according to the highest QHSE standards.

Our strength not only rests with our products and services, but also with the skills of our people, their technical knowledge and experience in the field. We are recognized and appreciated for our excellence in customized solutions, creativity and flexibility.

Our skilled team and state-of-the-art technology are your key to long-term quality and success of your projects.



ACI has put together a range of packages to suit your requirements. These range from branding options, to full scale partner solutions and can be tailored to meet your objectives and budgets.

If you are launching a new product or service and wish to gain visibility and brand recognition within your industry, contact us today!

For commercial opportunities, please contact:

Aleksandre Chrikishvili

Tel: +48 61 646 9780

Email: alex@acieu.net

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