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Connected Smart Home Energy Management

Date: 26th July 2017 - 27th July 2017 Location: Houston - Texas - USA

ACI’s 2017 Connected Smart Home Energy Management Conference

The connected smart home industry is predicted to be worth $121bn by 2022, with HEMS taking a $3billion share of that market. The technology is growing in popularity and undergoing constant and rapid development. It promises greater control and peace of mind for consumers, and increased efficiency and profitability for appliance manufacturers and utility providers.

This conference will bring together senior representatives from energy utilities, home energy management and automation system vendors, industry associations and others to discuss the latest challenges, business strategies and best practices in terms of energy management in the smart home space. The two-day event will feature informative presentations and engaging discussions centering on the challenges to widespread adoption and the growth and revenue opportunities afforded by new data streams, demand response programs and interoperability partnerships.


Connected Smart Home Energy Management - Delegate Pass$2,395.00All presentations plus copies of the speakers’ presentations and abstracts, networking receptions, food and drink, and any potential supplementary event such as a tour or pre-conference workshop.
Connected Smart Home Energy Management - Delegate Pass - Marketing Discount$1,695.00
Connected Smart Home Energy Management - Documentation Pack$615.00All conference proceedings including PowerPoint presentations, program agenda, detailed attendee list, sponsor/exhibitor literature and collateral materials, any other premiums or information distributed at conference.


26th July 2017
27th July 2017
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Denise Tylman – Sponsorship
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Angela Hamilton – Marketing
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Houston, TX United States + Google Map
  • Encouraging wider adoption of smart home technology to capitalize on the potential of the mass market
  • Building on the momentum of smart meters: expanding on the advantages of automation, including reduced labor costs, increased efficiency and the value of data mining
  • Harnessing the potential value of big data
  • Active and reactive power programs: the potential for significant savings and efficiency increases based on domestic use data
  • Leveraging the existing popularity security systems and other smart home technology to enter and develop the mass market
  • Addressing regional differences in adoption and state-level regulation
  • Interoperability through partnership: creating connected platforms based on open architectures
  • Gathering energy suppliers, appliance manufactures and connected home system providers to discuss the future of connected homes
  • Developing interconnected business models to keep up with the development of interconnected devices
  • The potential value of visibility into appliances with significant power draw, such as pumps and heaters

All ACI’s events attract a targeted group of senior level executives and decision-makers from the industry. Our meetings are strictly end-user focused. Only a select group of companies are invited to sponsor the event—to ensure the emphasis is on the industry participants, and making sure our delegates have a valuable and positive experience.

Delegates will be drawn from:

  • Utilities
  • Home Energy Management Vendors
  • Home Automation System Vendors
  • Home Securities Companies
  • Consumer Electronics Companies
  • Broadband Service Providers
  • Industry Associations
  • Government Agencies
  • Investor Community

Job roles include:

  • Managers of Home Technology Programs and Smart Grid Implementation
  • Smart Home Product Development Managers
  • Managers of Meter Data Services
  • Directors of Smart/Connected Home Platforms
  • Energy Services Managers
  • Market Research/Intelligence Managers
  • Marketing Managers


Allied Market Research

Allied Market Research (AMR) is the market research and business consulting wing of Allied Analytics LLP based out of Pune in India with corporate centers across the world. The firm equips global enterprises as well as small and medium businesses with premier market intelligence. AMR, in collaboration with more than 200 industry experts and critics, strives to build an extensive reference database for its clients. This includes 1,800 syndicate and client-customized reports for all major industry verticals business segments. More than 900 focused reports are added each year that places end products and services at the niche of commercial success.

Website: www.alliedmarketresearch.com


Green Button Alliance

The Green Button Alliance (GBA) is a non-profit corporation formed to foster the development, compliance, and wide-spread adoption of the Green Button standard. The Green Button Alliance advances the Green Button initiative: a White House-inspired challenge to the electric utility industry to give consumers access to their energy usage information in a downloadable, standardized format. The Green Button Download My Data (DMD) and Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) standards are based on the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) standard.

Website: www.greenbuttonalliance.org



HomeToys.com – Offering a blend of Commercial & Residential Automation, Security & A/V Systems Industry News, Articles and Interviews combined with insight into the trends and breakthroughs with potential to affect related business & lifestyle.

Website: www.hometoys.com


LonMark International

LonMark International is a member-based, non-profit organization that enables interoperable systems for products based on the ANSI/CEA-709 (ISO/IEC 14908) series of standards. LonMark International has tested and certified over 500 products complying with its interoperability guidelines. Additionally, LonMark International has certified nearly 1,000 industry professionals worldwide for their expertise in the guidelines and industry standards. Products based on the ANSI/CEA-709 (ISO/IEC 14908) standard are installed in over 500,000 buildings worldwide. LonMark International remains committed to educating the industry on the value of open, interoperable systems by providing tools, resources, and support for its members and their markets.

Website: www.lonmark.org


OpenADR Alliance

Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) is an open and standardized way for electricity providers and system operators to communicate DR signals with each other and with their customers using a common language over any existing IP-based communications network, such as the Internet. As the most comprehensive standard for Automated Demand Response, OpenADR has achieved widespread support throughout the industry.

The OpenADR Alliance was formed by industry stakeholders to foster the development, adoption and compliance of the Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) Smart Grid standard utilizing existing standards from OASIS, UCA and NAESB.

Website: www.openadr.org


Open Connectivity Foundation

Billions of connected devices should be able to communicate with one another regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or physical transport. The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is creating a specification and sponsoring an open source project to make this possible. OCF will help ensure secure interoperability for consumers, business, and industry.

Website: www.openconnectivity.org


Zigbee Alliance

The zigbee alliance is the standard bearer of the open IoT. Established in 2002, our wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the smart networks in our homes, businesses, and neighborhoods.

Website: www.zigbee.org

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