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The 2017 European Base Oils and Lubricants interactive Summit

Date: 29th November 2017 - 30th November 2017 Location: Antwerp - Belgium

Over the past eight years running the highly successful European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit series we have learned a great deal from the industry about the direction our event needs to move in to provide you with an even more valuable experience than before. We are, therefore, extremely pleased to announce our new European Base Oils and Lubricants interactive Summit. Here are just a few reasons the 2017 event will be our biggest and best to date …

  • Brand new structure – we are streamlining the agenda, creating a series of in-depth interactive sessions and introducing new structured networking opportunities. With a full 2 days of face-to-face discussions you’ll generate countless new ideas and partnerships.
  • The most inspiring content – rich programme – delivering greater breadth and depth than ever before – 50+ innovative thinkers and practitioners will cover all the crucial topics regarding the European markets for base oils & lubricants including insights into global activities having an impact on the European industry.
  • A Summit for peer-to-peer learning – we are looking to run parallel sessions with a focus on the latest developments in the key markets including:
    • Metalworking Fluids
    • Industrial Oils
    • Bio-Lubricants

    With a number of parallel sessions on offer, you can select to attend specific presentations of interest, then lean-in, and have in-depth conversations with your peers. If you don’t see a topic of interest, you can let us know to suggest your own topic.

  • More OEMs currently serve on ACI’s 2017 Agenda Committee than on that of any other base oils & lubricants conference worldwide. They come together with leading industry players from base oil and lubricant blender communities to advance our vision and continue driving a dialogue between the two spaces.
  • We welcome the entire value chain ecosystem from leading base oil producers, lubricant blenders, and OEMs to additive suppliers, trade & distribution companies, market analysts, and industry innovators.


European Base Oils & Lubricants interactive Summit - Conference Pass (Inc. Documentation Package)£1,356.00Inclusive of £239 discount, expiring 28/04/17
European Base Oils & Lubricants interactive Summit - Documentation Package Only£420.00


29th November 2017
30th November 2017
Event Category:


Georgina Durleva – Content
+44 (0) 20 3141 0643
Daniel Puddicombe – Marketing, Sales & Media Partnerships
+44 (0) 20 3141 0635
Maureen Ignacio – Sponsorship
+44 20 3141 0636
Zen Paskevic – Delegate Registration & Group Discounts
+44 (0) 20 3141 0642
Claire Taylor-Payne – Logistics
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We will confirm the venue approximately 4-6 weeks before the event to ensure we find the most suitable space because numbers can vary dramatically. There will be a discounted accommodation rate for conference attendees.
Antwerp, Belgium
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  • What Is The Global Energy Outlook For Next 10 Years?
  • The Changing Baseoil Landscape-What Is Europe’s Future Role?
  • Engine Oil Specifications-Future Divergence Or Convergence?
  • Is There A Future For Diesel Fuelled Passenger Cars in Europe?
  • What Does The Future Hold For Electric / Hybrid Cars in in Europe?
  • The Completion of REACH Will Soon Be Reached, As 2018 Approaches. What Lies Ahead?
  • The OEM’s Perspective On 2020 And Beyond: Heavy Duty Lubricants For Heavy Duty Business
  • The Big Debate – OEMs and Lubricant Suppliers in Discussions
  • World’s Leading Additive Companies Speak Out: What Are The Latest Trends In Technology For The Lubricant Industry? What Are The Commercial Benefits of Your Product For OEMs?
  • Market Distribution Channel: Is There A Winning Market Distribution Strategy For Your Business? What Is The Right One For Your Business?
  • Export and Import Routes: Logistics, Transportation, Storage, and Trading
  • The Middle East Base Oils and Lubricants Markets – Overview and Development
  • Strategic insights and perspectives from Central, Eastern European, Russian and CIS Markets
  • Quality Of Oils And Lubes And Applicable Standards: Tests And Certification

  • We are looking to run parallel sessions with an in-depth focus on the latest developments in the key markets including:
  1. Metalworking Fluids
  2. Industrial Oils
  3. Bio-Lubricants
  • and many more…


  • Lunchtime Roundtables
    At the roundtable, you can network with those who share similar interests or responsibilities and discuss the latest market trends and opportunities in a more informal environment.
  • A Peer Discussion Group
    Held under the Chatham House Rule, it involves a structured case-based discussion with between four and 10 people in the same room, using example cases led by a facilitator.

Introducing the New Interactive Learning Experience in 2017

  • Panel Discussion Revolution
    A moderated 40-minute discussion on stage featuring 4-5 panelists. Each panelist is expected to give 5-10min introductory presentation. The remaining 20 minutes will be focus on audience discussion in response to a question or challenge posed by the panel.
  • An Interview On-Stage
    A one-on-one discussion with an industry expert on a specific topic.
  • The Big Debate – OEMs and Lubricant Suppliers in Discussions
    A moderated 40-minute discussion on stage featuring a cross-section of 4 decision-makers in OME and lubricant suppliers business.  The remaining 20 minutes will be focus on questions posed by the audience to the panel.
  • “Out-Of-The Box” (non-conformal, creative thinking) Presentation
    A 20-minute presentation (non-conformal, creative thinking). The remaining 20 minutes will focus on audience discussion in response to a question or challenge posed by the proceeding presentation presenter.
  • Parallel Stream Sessions By Product Classes
    The parallel session streams are organized into blocks of 1 hour each. Such a block contains up to 3-4 speaking slots with similar topics and is guided by moderators. A slot can be an individual presentation, an interview or a panel discussion with up to 5 panelists.

If you would like to be considered as a panellist or a speaker for the event with a 15-20 minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:

Georgina Durleva

Phone: +44 (0) 20 3141 0643

Email: gdurleva@acieu.net

  • The European markets for base oils & lubricants will remain the key focus for debate and discussion in 2017.
  • Networking Drinks Reception & Dinner
    Enjoy our networking drinks reception followed by a Dinner with a three course meal and drinks. It attracts senior representatives of the industry, where the European industry leaders rub shoulders with global lubricants industry players.
  • Panel Discussion
    A 2-5 minute introduction of the topic and panellists . Each panellist has 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted sharing of his or her perspective, 20 minutes of Q&A ending with a summary.








  • Dr. Manfred  Schuckert, Head of Automotive Regulatory Strategy, Emissions and Safety, Commercial Vehicles, Daimler
  • Dr. Mattias Berger, Senior Technical Manager, Lubrication System, Engine Development, Scania CV AB
  • Dr. Suhair Abdelhaim, Senior Lubricant Engineer, Ford Motor Company
  • Dr. Claudio Bonaluce, Global Lubricants Specialist, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Dr. Soenke Moehr, Director Global Sales, Marketing & Communication, Puraglobe
  • Alan Outhwaite, Manager, Base Oil Business Development, Chevron Global Lubricants
  • Prof. Thomas Norrby, Senior Technical Lubricants Advisor, Nynas AB
  • Michael Boyer, Regional Market Insights Manager, The Lubrizol Corporation
  • Dr. Karin Baumann, Product Manager Europe, Lukoil Lubricants Europe Oy
  • Luis Gomes, Lubricants Sales Manager, Galp Energia
  • Kerim Wewer, Head of Asset Management IPP EMEA, Chemtura Europe
  • Marco Madeddu, Director Lubricants, International Product Manager, IMCD Group B.V.
  • John Eastwood, Global Marketing Manager, Croda Europe
  • Milind Phadke, Director, Energy Practice, Kline & Company 
  • Céline Boutier, Managing Director, Shamrock Shipping and Trading Limited


      Breakdown of  Attendees by Sector

  • Lubricant Manufacturers
  • Base Oil Producers
  • Additive Suppliers
  • Technology and Service Providers
  • Trading and Distribution Companies
  • OEMs
  • Packaging and Logistic Companies
  • Consultancies

    Breakdown of Attendees by Job Title
  • Head of Base Oil Business Development/Sales/Marketing
  • Head of Global EH & S
  • Head of Base Oil/Distilate Trading
  • Head of Base Oil Strategy
  • Head of Base Oil Strategy/R&D
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricants Business Development/Sales/Marketing
  • Head of Lubricant Strategy
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricants Technology/R&D
  • Product Manager for Automotive/Industrial Lubricants
  • Head of Automotive/Industrial Lubricant Additive Technology/R&D
  • Head of Base Oil/Lubricant Trading

Please find below a list of companies that have attended the Summit before. If you wish to have a more detailed list, please contact Daniel Puddicombe on phone: +44 (0) 20 3141 0635 or email: danielp@acieu.net

Ford Motor Company * Nynas  *  CEC  * FUCHS  * General Motors  * Jaguar Land Rover  *  Axel Christiernsson  * Gulf Oil Marine  * Chevron Global Lubricants  * Iveco  *  Total Lubrifiants  * Galp Energia  *  Morris Lubricants * BASF * MOL * Croda Europe * OMV * Neste Oil * SK Lubricants * Statoil Lubricants * Shell International * Shell Trading and Shipping Company Limited (STASCo) * Petrol d.d. * Gazpromneft – Lubricants * SABIC * Inter Terminals * INEOS Oligomers * BP * LOTOS Oil * TransOcean Logistics * Orlen Oil * Repsol YPF Lubricantes * Chevron Global Base Oils * The Dow Chemical Company * PETRONAS Marketing * Petro-Canada Lubricants Europe * Chevron Oronite * The Lubrizol Corporation * Mitsui Chemicals Europe * Chevron Phillips Chemical International * ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants * Port of Ghent * Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants * Koole Terminals * Eni S.p.A. Refining & Marketing Development * Tatneft * Port of Rotterdam * MOL-LUB * LUKOIL Lubricants * Repsol YPF Lubricantes * Lehmann & Voss & Co. KG * Petrolia  * Rubis Terminal  * Hocem Haase Oil Chemical GMBH  * Puraglobe * SIP * Infinity Oil * CEPSA  Sepahan Oil Co  * Afton Chemical  *  Sonneborn Refined Products BV  * SGS * NIS A.D Novi SAD * Baker Hughes * * Petronas Lubricants International * Agrinol * Imerys Minerals * Vopak  * Chevron Oronite * Gazprom Neft Trading GmbH * Port of Antwerp * Petrobras * Avista Oil * Evonik Industries * Prista Oil * Lotos Oil * Shell Deutschland Oil * Raj Petro *  Ergon Europe * Paramo * German Petroleum GmbH * Vesta terminals * Blackburn Chemicals *SEA-Tank Terminal * & many more

        A keynote speaker:

  • Carl Larry, Director; Principal Consultant – oil and gas for Frost & Sullivan

        On-stage interviews with…

  • Dr. Manfred  Schuckert, Head of Automotive Regulatory Strategy, Emissions and Safety, Commercial Vehicles, Daimler
  • Anders Pettersson, Global Lubricant Coordinator, Volvo Construction Equipment
  • Simon Mason, Owner, Kemat Polybutenes

    Other admired speakers and panellists including:
  • Dr. Julia Svensson, Research Engineer, Fuel & Lube, Engine Process Research, MAN Diesel & Turbo
  • Mark Embleton, Lubricant Specialist, Maersk Oil Trading Lubricants A/S
  • Norman Sheppard, Leader Base Oil Business Unit, The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), Bahrain
  • Dr. Soenke Moehr, Director Global Sales, Marketing & Communication, Puraglobe
  • Dr. Valentina Serra-Holm, Marketing and Technology Director, Nynas AB and President, UEIL (The Union of the European Lubricant Industry)
  • Mikhail Ilyinov, Head of Base Oils, LLC RN-Lubricants Rosneft 
  • Thomas Norrby, Senior Technical Lubricants Advisor, Nynas AB
  • Milind Phadke, Director, Energy Practice, Kline & Company
  • Michel Sanchez-Rivas, PAO Customer Technical Service Manager, INEOS
  • Dr Peter Tjan, President, ATIEL (Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry)
  • Frank Stunnenberg (Chevron Oronite), Chairman, CEC (The European Coordinating Council for Development of Performance Test for Fuels, Lubricants and other Flued)
  • John Eastwood, Global Marketing Manager, Croda Europe
  • Matthias Bombe, General Manager, Braid Logistics Germany
  • Denis Varaksin, Director, Base Oils and Slack Waxes, DYM Resources
  • Dr. Michael Schneider, Senior Vice President Business Units Life Science & Materials Science, Chemspeed Technologies 

    If you would like to be considered as a panellist or a speaker for the event with a 15-20 minute presentation, please submit an abstract for consideration to:

Georgina Durleva

Phone: +44 (0) 20 3141 0643

Email: gdurleva@acieu.net

Lanyard Sponsor

EBLe9_Logo _Ergon

Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, Ergon, Inc., operates as a crude oil processor, transporter and marketer of specialty base oils. Ergon maintains a network of strategically located terminals, allowing for efficient and secure worldwide supply. Ergon markets products in more than 90 countries and remains committed to increasing its global presence.

Investing in a Brighter Future

Ergon is investing more than $200 million to meet the market’s demand for high-quality brightstock. In 2016, Ergon introduced the latest Group I brightstock technology with HyGold 5000BS, offering a unique combination of high viscosity, low pour point, low odor, good solvency and a high flash point. HyGold 5000BS has excellent color and appearance versus competitive brightstocks, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications where product viscosity and appearance remain critical.

Visit ergoninternational.com to learn more about our full range of specialty oil solutions.


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The Braid Group of Companies is an international liquid logistics service provider, freight forwarder, Iso Tank Operator and manufacturer of Flexitanks operating through a global network of 20 own offices and 2 production sites for Flexitanks. Braid offers a global Flexitank Service including Supply & Fit, Transport & Logistics, global insurance, Removal & Disposal, Loading and discharging attendance, technical consultancy and technical equipment for loading and discharging Flexitanks.



Green Lab
(est’d 1996)

Green Lab Ltd is a Hungarian, private owned company with a highly experienced team and wide range portfolio. Has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998.

Green Lab actively distributes petroleum testers for international petroleum companies. Furthermore Green Lab also provides mobile laboratory solutions designed to meet the latest analytical standards of petroleum industry and to provide an immediate solution on-site.

Our very own product innovation the ADEM Automated Demulsibility Tester (http://www.greenlab.hu/demulsibility-testers.html) is available for QC and R&D laboratories worldwide introducing the next generation in ASTM D1401 and ISO 6614 method compliance for demulsibility/water separability testing.

In the field of process engineering we provide turn key solutions for technological- and stack emission control as well as deliver fixed or mobile environmental stations to control air pollution for different industrial segments.

Green Lab’s service team has an outstanding international reputation due to its expertise and long term reliability.

In 2007 Green Lab built its first EU accredited mobile test laboratory for ambient air pollution control. Since that time we have significantly expanded our capacity meeting the expanding market demand of our high quality services.

With nearly 20 years of thriving analytical experience, Green Lab delivers best practices and innovative analytical solutions for laboratories as well as for environmental analytics in a predictable and reliable service manner via modern product portfolio and professional expertise.

Would you like to know more? For further details, please visit http://www.greenlab.hu/home_en.html or contact us at info@greenlab.hu.



Adelphi Packaging Machinery is a specialist supplier of liquid filling & capping machinery, including the decanting of small packs, pails, drums & IBC’s. With many years of engineering expertise and application knowledge supplying to the oil & lubricants sector, we manufacture and support the highly regarded Masterfil range, whose machines have been in use in factories all over the world for over 50 years.

Our Drum Decanting Unit is just one of the machines favoured by lube oil manufacturers. Designed to enable accurate decanting of drums or other large containers ready for processing or packaging, they offer levels of precision, repeatability and product integrity that are extremely difficult to match manually.

Adelphi has recently launched it’s new ‘System’ range of liquid filling machines. Newly designed from the ground up, these modular machines integrate the latest technologies with patent pending design features, and offer some truly unique benefits to end users. Production versatility and flexibility, low cost scalability, industry-leading production speeds, minimal production downtime, and reduced running costs are just some of the most notable benefits on offer.

For further details on Adelphi’s full range of packing machinery visit www.adelphi-pm.com or get in contact at sales@adelphi.uk.com



Puraglobe owns the worlds most advanced and modern NV-refinery for base oil specialties. It has successfully produced the 1st millionth ton of non-virgin feed stock into Group 2 and 3 base oil products i.e. to be used for lubricating products.

Puraglobe focuses on sustainable high quality base oil specialties.

The use of Puraglobe base oil products based on our exclusive UOP Hylube™ technology has already avoided about 3 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and achieved a CO2 savings rate of greater than 84%.

Puraglobe aims to address climate change as a combined industrial approach, alongside of global virgin companies, to extend the lifespan of natural oil resources in the future.

Today Puraglobe base oil technologies are being used in various industrial and automotive applications (e.g. PCMO/HDDO engine oil formulations).

For more information, visit puralube.com



MPT Meß- und Prozeßtechnik GmbH
is a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 accredited and leading company for design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of DOSING and MIXING SYSTEMS in Europe and worldwide and representative of MILTON ROY, PULSAIR® and WALCHEM.

MPT stands for manufacturing top-quality, cost-effective and safe products and an outstanding customer support. We are located in the heart of Germany and offer customized solutions to our various clients in oil and gas, petrochemicals, refining, chemicals, power, steel, fertilizer and metallurgical industries for:

– Metering Package Units

– PULSAIR® Mixing Systems (pneumatic impulse mixing for large tank volumes)

Reciprocating Pumps

– Diaphragm, Plunger, Metering Pumps

– Controllers (Cooling tower, pH-, Redox etc.)

– Agitators and dynamic inline mixers

MPT GmbH was founded in 1991 and is working with renowned German as well as International Engineering Consultants, EPC Contractors and Third Party Inspection Agencies, with strong focus on both exports and German market and with reference installations in more than 65 countries worldwide. Our premium products and services are designed for sustainability.

The engineers and technicians of MPT have been working for more than 25 years in consulting, planning and servicing of economical and reliable solutions.

The experience and knowledge of the MPT employees guarantee you first-class competence in fluid treatment.



EBLe9_Logo_Optimol Instruments

Optimol Instruments Prüftechnik GmbH, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a leading international company for the development and sale of tribological model test systems and test benches. We are a trusted partner for our customers, whom we provide with innovative technology, proven solutions, competent advice and a comprehensive range of services.

Our mission is to support our worldwide customers to test lubricants, materials and material combinations before their use in industrial development processes.

With the world-renowned SRV® test system, we have set the industry standard for tribological model testing. We continually refine this technology platform – to always stay abreast with our customers’ increasing demands. In the broad range of available simulation and analysis options, two things in particular stand out: our strong practical expertise and the knowledge we have accumulated from over 50 years of developing model tribometers.

Our innovative strength and cutting-edge know-how have resulted in milestones of tribological testing. For example: the introduction of automated testing and quality assurance processes, or software-supported results interpretation.

For customers who do not have their own SRV® test system, our SRV® TriboProfiling® lab provides support with comprehensive services.






We, Prasol Chemicals limited, having 25 years of experience as a leading manufacturer & exporter of Speciality Chemicals are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

We are rated by Government of India as a ‘Star Export House’, exporting to more than 40 countries and domestically covering pan India market.

We offer range of Specialty Chemicals such as Diacetone Alcohol, Hexylene Glycol, Isophorone, Polyisobutylene Succinimides (PIBSI), Sorbitan Monooleate, Ethyl Hexyl Oleate, Pentaerythritol trioleate………etc.

We also manufacture different grades of Additives based on the Dialkyl group of Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate (ZDDP), such as ADDITIV 730, ADDITIV 1030, ADDITIV 2030 & ADDITIV 3030 which are used in engine oils, hydraulics, transmission fluids, gear oils and several other lubricant applications, as performance enhancers.

We believe in “Customer First., Reputation first”,to achieve it we have experienced, trained, motivated and innovative work force.

We try our best not only to achieve Customers Satisfaction but to convert it into Customer Delight, by offering them our best quality products with distinguish after sales service.

We have 16 Acres Plant and we are further expanding it to meet our Customers demand. Our plant is located nearby Nhava Sheva Sea port which facilities prompt deliveries to our Esteemed Customers.

Our strengths:-

– Experienced workforce

– Global and Local presence

– In-house Product & process development

– Stringent quality control

– Continuous Innovation




bluechemGROUP … because it works!

The bluechemGROUP/CTP GmbH with its headquarters in the Thuringian Leutenberg has offered its cleaning, maintenance and care products especially designed for the automotive industry on the international market since 1988. Since the start of the company, it has experienced an extremely rapid growth, both at national level and throughout the world. This enormously fast development led to many great collaborations and the acquisition of various outstanding international and national partners.

Today, the bluechemGROUP/CTP GmbH is a group of companies with global activities in more than 100 countries. The success as technology leader in car care chemistry is based upon the development and patenting of consumption oriented and eco-friendly products satisfying highest demands on quality, which are supplemented by modern car workshop, industry and service concepts. Innovative strength, creativity, competence and a motivated staff are the foundations upon which the bluechemGROUP/CTP GmbH is built. Its experiences in international competition, its knowledge and expertise are always at the partners’ and customers’ full disposal. Ongoing market analyses and the constant dialogue with partners make it possible to constantly identify new trends.






LOMOSOFT is a leading global fuel logistics software supplier to oil companies, retail fuelling facilities and fuel haulers. Over the last 28 years LOMOSOFT has grown substantially focusing on its specialist niche of optimising fuel and gas transport logistics for its customers.

LOMOSOFT’s numerous solutions include automated and optimised stock control, resource planning, legal loading, routing, live communication and reporting. Over three thousand trucks are planned daily with LOMOSOFT’s software, delivering more than 360 million litres of fuel to approximately 40 thousand retail sites.

Software and services from LOMOSOFT: ground-breaking, scalable and practical solutions developed in close collaboration with leading experts and specialists, approved by numerous customers in the Oil & Gas Industry.






Chemspeed Technologies, headquartered in northwest Switzerland (Basel region), is a global leader in the development of innovative products and consumables for research and development laboratories. Chemspeed offers automated solutions for sample preparation, synthesis, reaction and formulation, process research, application and testing with its unique tools for automated substance handling and its flexible reactor technology. Chemspeed is a premier provider of automated workflows and services for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, catalysts, polymer, paint & coating, ceramic & abrasives, porous material, biomaterial, renewable, fine & specialty chemical, personal care, home care and nutrition industries, as well as academia, to enable reduced time-to-market, increased precision and productivity, and lower R&D costs. Chemspeed designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to meet industry needs and specific customer requirements.



Align Yourself With The Great & Good In The Fuels & Lubricants Business

As a sponsor and exhibitor, we will help you forge new business relationships, share your experiences and position yourself as a go-to firm in your sector.

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  • Host Our Speakers
    Host the Speaker Zone and you are guaranteed to meet all of the industry leaders on board for 2017. An exclusive area for senior speaker faculty to relax and make final preparations to their presentations away from the buzz of the event, this is a great place to get noticed and provide hospitality for the people you most want to meet.
  • Showcase Your Expertise
    Whether you are a market leader or a medium size player, exhibiting is a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clientele,  and building a more established and reliable brand. Take an exhibition stand and you’ll be located within the busy networking area where all breaks are held, giving great exposure to your brand, product and employees. If you’re bringing a new technology/product to market, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to demonstrate to your prime audience.
  • Increased Brand Awareness
    Make sure your brand is recognised at the industry’s leading base oil & lubricants event. As well as your logo featuring on stage sets, why not ensure you meet your clients by sponsoring the Wi-fi, so all attendees will need to come to your stand for the code?!

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As a sponsor/exhibitor, we will help you forge new business relationships, share your experiences and position yourself as a go-to firm in your sector.

For a bespoke package, contact:

 Maureen Ignacio

Phone:+44 20 3141 0636

 Email: mignacio@acieu.net

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Lubes and Greases Media Logo

Lubes’n’Greases Europe-Middle East-Africa reaches over 17,000 audited subscribers each month.

LNG EMEA focuses on news and trends shaping the lubricants industry in these regions.  Keep up with technological developments, shifting raw material supplies, regulations and OEM specifications.  Read about problems encountered by end-users and solutions that address their needs: http://pubs.lubesngreases.com/magazine-emea/

You can find a lot more on our website, www.lubesngreases.com

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Lube Magazine

Lube Magazine is published by the United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA) and is the Official Journal of UEIL – the European lubricants industry organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. UKLA is the UK Delegation to UEIL. Lube Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine provided free to qualified subscribers. Lube Magazine is distributed to readers in 11 9 countries and via relevant sector Trade Events.

It covers features and technical articles and European news, as well as issues relevant to the lubrication industry on: Automotive and Industrial sector developments; Metal-Working Fluids; Automotive and Industrial Greases; Base Oil issues; the impact of new and modified product specifications; forthcoming legislation; industry news; profiles; plus a ‘Forthcoming Events’ diary.

For further information please visit the website:

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Since 1995, we have gathered industry stakeholders from all over the world to discuss regional and global issues impacting our industry

F&L Asia provides a forum for:

  • Identifying emerging issues
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Over the years, F&L Asia has played a unique role in the fuels and lubricants industry in the Asia-Pacific region, setting it apart from other industry publications and commercial conferences.



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Published quarterly by Lubes Africa ltd, Lubezine magazine  has a print order of over 3000 copies and still growing.

With its headquarters in the East African country of Kenya, Lubezine is a one-stop information source for the region and a gateway to the African lubricants market. www.lubesafrica.com

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Supporting Associations:


ATIEL is an industry association representing manufacturers and marketers in the European lubricants industry.  Through its members’ combined knowledge and experience, it develops scientifically sound responses to key technical, environmental and quality issues that benefit all stakeholders, manufacturers, end-users and the lubricants industry.

ATIEL’s technical committees and working groups help to establish guidelines, best practices and standards for lubricant development that promote the availability of superior quality products in the marketplace.

ATIEL also aims to enhance the reputation of the lubricants industry by providing expert advice to regulators and industry partners.

ATIEL’s Code of Practice is accepted industry-wide as best practice for the development and manufacture of automotive engine lubricants conforming to ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers Association) performance requirements.  The Code of Practice forms part of the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS).

As part of its proactive role to improve the overall quality level of automotive lubricants, ATIEL carries out quality surveys of products in the marketplace in support of the EELQMS and the ACEA Sequences, and to enhance and improve its educational activities.www.atiel.org


Goma logo

GOMA is Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants that works continuously for over 50 years as not-for-profit and nongovernmental society. GOMA is engaged in promoting the profession and expertise in the field of manufacturing, development and application of fuel and lubricants by means of the following activities:

  • organising conferences or symposia on the issues from the field of the development and application of fuels and lubricants
  • work of scientific committees or working groups (permanent or temporary) for dealing with certain issues
  • making of studies, expert opinions, analyses and other professional papers related to the development and application of fuels and lubricants
  • cooperating in making regulations and norms related to the goals of the Society
  • publishing books, professional journals and publications
  • cooperating with the corresponding international organisations.


cec logo

The Coordinating European Council
The European Fuels & Lubricants Performance Test Development Organisation
CEC is an Industry-based organisation which develops Test Methods for the performance
testing of Automotive Engine Oil, Fuels & Transmission Fluids (using gasoline & diesel
engines). In addition, it covers Marine & Large Engine Oils, Two-stroke Engine Oils &
Associated Bench Tests.
It maintains existing tests on an ongoing basis, concentrating on quality assurance (it forms part
of EELQMS -European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System) and maintaining
confidentiality amongst Stakeholders. It also manages the provision of Reference Fluids
(lubricants and fuels) for its tests.
CEC is an organisation that represents the motor, oil, petroleum additive and allied industries in
the development of test methods to evaluate the performance of transportation fuels, lubricants
and other fluids.
CEC test methods are used extensively in Europe and widely throughout the world. CEC was
established over 30 years ago and now has more than 1500 participants from over 300
companies. Representatives are able to contribute in CEC affairs at all levels. The essential
objective of the CEC is to develop performance test methods on behalf of the industries it
represents in a timely, quality focussed and cost effective manner and to ensure that such
methods elate to market place demand.
The CEC Secretariat is based in 1140 Brussels, Avenue Jules Bordet 142. The current
Chairman of the Management Board is Frank Stunnenberg, site manager of Chevron Oronite in
Rotterdam. www.cectests.org

What our attendees say about the EBOL interactive Summit:

Interesting and updated insights with good perspective across the whole chain from producers to end users.
Galp Energia 

Great networking place. Great speakers. A conference of value to us.
Croda Europe

Actually it’s outstanding, thanks a lot everybody and I wish to see you again!
Libyan Oil

“ACI’s European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit has been an outstanding opportunity to: 1) Have access to valuable information and new interesting topics, 2) Network and meeting new business partners”
DYM Resources GmbH | Niche oil products supplies 

Well organised conference, good attendance, interesting presentations. Look forward to see how this conference will develop in the future.
SGS Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services

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Exclusive Site Visit: Q8 Oils State-Of-The-Art Blending Plant in Antwerp

As you are well aware, Q8Oils is part of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), one of the world’s largest oil companies.  Q8Oils, which has around 330 employees, has based several of its corporate functions in Antwerp, together with support activities including customer services, marketing, finance and HR.

A day prior the conference, a limited number of summit attendees will have a unique opportunity to join an exclusive site visit to Q8Oils’ state-of-the-art blending plant – one of the largest and most technical advanced lubricant production facility in Europe.

Started in 2007, the project was carried out over a series of phases. The first step was to install new loading arms at the jetty, followed by the construction of a new filling hall and base oil tank farm comprising 24 stock tanks. Later phases introduced a new empty pack warehouse, blending installations and related bulk storage.

The project was completed with the opening of a new additives warehouse in 2016.

Throughout the nine years there was no interruption to production and the project was completed within the projected time.

The new blending plant has the capacity to produce 125m litres each year and can easily be upgraded to double this output. Around 700 different formulations are currently produced.

In addition to the Antwerp blending plant, Q8Oils also has a blending facility in Castellar Guidobono, east of Turin in Italy, which specialises in blending metalworking products.

There is no extra charge to join the site visit, although places are limited and allocated to the conference delegates on first come first served basis. We strongly suggest to reserve your site visit space at time of booking to avoid disappointment.



Brussels Airlines is pleased to be your Preffered Carrier for the European Base Oils & Lubricants interactive Summit and extends 10% discount on available return economy fares Europe, Russia, Israel & Africa to Brussels and vice versa.

Book until 28 November 2017 and Travel between 21 November and 7 December 2017.