MetGen develops and produces industrial enzymes to improve energy efficiency and provide cost savings in the pulp and paper, biofuel and waste water treatment industries.

The company focuses on enzymes called laccases that belong to the multicopper oxidases class.

In the pulp and paper industry MetGen’s enzyme pretreatment reduces energy use especially in the crushing phase of the refining process.

The treatment also increases the mill’s throughput in mechanical pulping, improves yield and paper strength properties, reduces pitch problems, and decreases the overall environmental impact.

In biofuel production MetGen’s enzymes enable easier access to the sugars when converting biomass into second generation biofuels.

This is a key aspect in making the process more cost-efficient, which in turn helps to reduce the price of biofuel and increase its use.

In waste water treatment laccases offer an affordable way to remove toxic micropollutants.

MetGen’s proprietary technology provides a significant advantage over existing approaches in terms of selectivity, productivity and the final cost of the desired industrial enzymes.

The company also creates drop-in solutions so that customers do not have to make expensive initial investments. MetGen designs enzymes to fit the customer’s requirements.