BioGasol is a process technology and equipment provider for lignocellulosic (2nd generation) ethanol and biochemical production. The company has developed key technologies to overcome the major challenges within these fields thereby enabling cost-efficient production.

Flexible equipment integration

BioGasol has as a result of its long-term research & developments and in-house engineering disciplines achieved substantial progress and are ready to serve clients and partners such as universities, next-generation contractors, end-users, utilities and oil & gas companies with services and equipment tailored and optimised for their actual requirements. The following services and products - among others - are available:

      •  Carbofrac™ pretreatment units for pilot and demonstration use

      •  Feasibility studies

      •  Optimisation of pretreatment conditions

      •  Fermentation of C5 and C6 sugars

      •  Pretreatment of clients’ feedstock and delivery of pretreated biomass