WorldWide Geothermal Resource

WorldWide Geothermal Resource™ is the up and coming magazine for the geothermal industry providing information on products, services, and equipment to improve the productivity of those in the industry.   

WorldWide Drilling Resource® is the only drilling magazine covering all aspects of drilling; construction/geotechnical, directional, environmental, exploration-blasthole, shallow gas and oil, geothermal, mining, and water well. It is sent anywhere in the world FREE each and every month and can be accessed via the internet at, where each month the magazine is put on line for viewing while traveling or in remote areas where it may be difficult to get the printed version. Articles of interest receive worldwide praise.  This magazine is supported by its advertising content.  Please visit where you can obtain information on advertising rates and editorial submissions as well as obtain your own FREE copy. Follow us on FACEBOOK!