The International Bunker Industry Association

The International Bunker Industry Association Ltd (IBIA) is the association for the bunker industry. It has consultative status at the International Maritime Organisation which enables it to represent the industry and influence legislation which directly affects the industry.

IBIA has more than 600 members worldwide – from every area of the bunker industry

IBIA is involved with other technical and trade association bodies in joint efforts to seek solutions to some of the problems of the bunker industry.

IBIA actively seeks to involve is members through its Annual Convention by educating and motivating members to conclude on major issues and topics of the time, creating the “IBIA Position” to present to IMO. It also holds an Annual IBIA Dinner for Members and their guests.

IBIA champions the continued development of professionals within the bunker industry through its Bunker Courses and its Bunker Cargo Officer qualification. 

IBIA attends and supports many conferences around the world and IBIA is often invited to speak on matters of debate and interest within the industry.

IBIA produces a number of publications on aspects of bunkering, including technical. In addition it organises education courses.

World Bunkering, IBIA’s official magazine, is produced quarterly and, amongst many other interesting items, publishes member’s views and opinions.  

1.     To provide an international forum for bunker industry issues;

2.     To represent the industry in discussions and negotiations with national and international policy makers, legislators and other groups and bodies;

3.     To review, clarify, improve, develop and endorse where appropriate, industry methods, practices and documentation;

4.     To increase the professional understanding and competence of all who work in the industry;

5.     To provide services and facilities for members and others as the Board shall from time to time consider appropriate. 

Contact IBIA at

Ground Floor, Latimer House, 5 -7 Cumberland Place,

Southampton, Hampshire SO15 2BH

Tel +44 (0) 2380 226 555  Fax +44 (0)2380 221 777