Fluid-Bag Ltd

Fluid-Bag Ltd is a Finnish company that since the 80’s provides 900 and 1000 litre flexible container systems that are perfectly adapted for storage and transport of lubricants and greases. The containers can also be used for internal logistics and in the production process.

Fluid-Bag offers two flexible, innovative IBC solutions: Fluid-Bag Flexi (one-way) and Fluid-Bag Multi (multi-trip). Fluid-Bag also provides equipment for highly efficient discharge of liquid and semisolid products, which enables companies to obtain important cost savings by reducing product residue, cleaning costs and return transport costs.

The closed packaging system avoids the risk of particle or moisture contamination – which is essential in demanding working environments. The lubricant needs to maintain its level of cleanliness to avoid any downtime or malfunctions of the lubricated equipment.

Fluid-Bag’s containers are successfully used by the biggest lubricant producers for transporting lubricants and greases in bulk quantities to steel mills, mining sites and other big lubricant end users.