Date: Wednesday 31 July 2013 - Friday 02 August 2013

Location: San Diego, California

A three-day industry forum highlighting senior policy and decision-makers, regarding future planning, strategy and execution of critical renewable energy storage projects within the United States.

Learn About:

• Power generation advances in solar cell or wind turbine efficiencies and ways to reduce production costs

• Energy Storage and Renewable integration

• The current status of the inverter industry for renewable energy applications

• New demands are being placed on inverter manufacturers in order to successfully integrate renewables into the grid at higher penetration levels

• Effective integration and transfer of stored renewable energy onto the grid

• Addressing renewable supply variation challenges and energy storage systems for distribution network management Community storage

• Growth opportunities within the renewable energy storage market through leveraging state and federal incentives. State and Federal regulatory policy for future renewable energy storage programs

• Examining and understanding the opportunities for renewable energy storage within community and regional markets

• A comprehensive view of the smart energy market across three main application sectors – renewable energy production, energy storage, and energy conversion devices

• The market momentum toward greater energy efficiency in commercial buildings, utilities, and grids

• The growth of renewable energy installations both on a distributed basis as well as the utility scale

• Uninterruptable power supplies, thermal energy storage, demand charge management, time of use rates, and distributed renewable energy incentives

• Energy storage projects throughout the nation, market segment, technology, and application

• Market analysis and forecasts of renewable energy, energy storage, and advanced conversion devices

Who Will Attend?

The executive conference presents a unique opportunity for all professionals involved in energy storage to network. Those in attendance will include professionals in the following areas:

• Energy Storage

• Emerging Technologies

• Clean Technologies

• Renewable Sources

• Smart Grid

• Generation, Transmission & Distribution

• Strategic Energy Initiatives

• Demand Response

• Power Operations

• Engineers

• Public Policy

• Electric Operations

• Demand Response

• Business Development

• Government Agencies, Regulators and Policymakers (Federal, State and Local)

• Investors

• Venture Capitalists

• National Laboratories

• Research Centers

• Solar and Wind Power Generators

• Academic Institutions

• Technology Developers and Suppliers

• Consultants

• Law Firms

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