Date: Wednesday 06 November 2013 - Friday 08 November 2013

Location: Austin, Texas

Providing Ancillary Services with Demand Response

Demand Response is considered to be one of the smart grid’s emerging killer applications for utilities, grid operators, and power generators. But, Demand Response can do more than help meet peak load. It can help provide ancillary services such as contingency reserves and regulation and load following.

We are on the verge of a new opportunity to use demand response to help meet this nation’s power supply needs in the 21st century. With interest in the integration of significant amounts of renewable energy, wide-spread deployment of plug-in electric vehicles, and more efficient use of our existing transmission and generation infrastructure, demand response is poised to complement these initiatives, having a central role in shaping the way the grid is managed and energy consumed.

Demand response can act as an ancillary service that responds just as quickly as an ancillary power plant would, in under a second or within minutes, depending on the type of ancillary service required. These conditions afford demand response practitioners an opportunity to tap into an additional payment stream for their participation ancillary services.

Organized electricity and ancillary services markets are supporting demand response resources for ancillary services, and the set of rules and requirements for participation are unique to each market. This conference will cover the opportunities that exist in the ancillary service markets and identify challenges to market participation for a demand response resource.

Incorporating extensive evaluation feedback from the previous event, this conference program has been updated to provide you with the latest, most up-to-date information driving the Demand Response and Ancillary Services today. This event will examine the global smart building managed services market trends, along with opportunities and challenges for Demand Response. Also, special sessions will be included on the exciting new role Transactive Energy will play in Smart grid modernization.

Key Topics

Key topics to be covered include:

  • Implementation of competitive ancillary service markets to supply services and establish revenue streams.
  • Exploring the key growth areas and services for the future of demand response
  • Ancillary services beyond peak event load shedding
  • New markets and monetization strategies for energy storage, demand response, and other grid services
  • Status and Outlook for Regulatory Initiatives Affecting Ancillary Services Markets
  • Participation Criteria and Future ‘Pay-for-Performance’ Metrics in the Demand Response Market
  • Curtailment strategies for ancillary services
  • Outlook for energy storage participation in Ancillary Services markets
  • Integrated Demand Management Strategies to Meet Grid Reliability Needs
  • Mapping, optimizing, and supporting virtual power plants in a Demand Response program
  • Beyond Demand Response: The emergence of demand-side management
  • Track, measure, and verify performance of enabling technologies including advanced metering and the associated communications infrastructure
  • Current pilots involving residential, commercial and industrial sectors
  • The new role of Transactive Energy in grid modernization and shaping the Smart Grid
  • Capitalizing on Demand Response for Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS): Applying Demand Response to building and facilities energy management
  • Current pilots involving residential, commercial and industrial sectors

Who Will Attend

Power industry personnel who need a better understanding of ancillary services. Portfolio managers and traders responsible for formulating bidding strategies for ancillary services. Power plant and systems operations engineers who would like to understand the impact of ancillary services on their plant profitability. Demand response and aggregation services. Key titles include:

  • Utilities and power generators
  • Energy management service providers
  • Systems, software and IT vendors
  • Smart grid technology and software developers
  • System integrators and consultants
  • Commercial and industrial end users
  • Regulators and public policy makers
  • Grid operators
  • Investors and financial community
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Usability professionals
  • Emerging load technologies
  • Contact center management professionals
  • Corporate communication professionals
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Strategic planning and performance management professionals
  • Manufacturing and vending of DSM products
  • Regulation
  • Marketing
  • Demand response research
  • Program design
  • Customer service, customer care and customer programs

Venue Information

The Driskill Hotel
604 Brazos St.
Austin, TX 78701

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