Date: Wednesday 07 January 2015 - Friday 09 January 2015

Location: San Diego, California

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A three-day conference highlighting Utility Analytics.

Topics include:

This conference will highlight the following topics:

  • Laying groundwork for advanced analytics including data quality, meter data analytics, predictive maintenance, customer engagement and grid optimization
  • Using smart grid analytics to leverage opportunity for improving safety, reliability and efficiency of power delivery
  • Issues and challenges facing utilities, energy providers, hardware and software vendors and consumers as data generation, collection, analysis and application become a part of everyday operations
  • The future of advanced analytics as it applies to longer-term plans for grid modernization
  • Lucrative ROI opportunities for big data, analytics, and cloud based infrastructure/services as applied to current and future distribution grid investments
  • Best practices, latest technologies and trends relating to the development of useful, engaging software tools for the utility industry
  • Using analytics for customer segmentation and profiling to determine who to target with pilots and initial deployments of technologies (in-home displays, smart meters, etc.) and identify the best customers to develop and offer the most optimal rate structures
  • How utilities are driving the industry forward with the rapidly evolving infrastructure technology and assests, including the enormous amount of data generated
  • How analytics will optimize and protect the grid while empowering consumes to move toward clean energy and web-based energy management
  • Closing the gap between the value of utility analytics and the lack of preparation for its implementation such as regulatory and internal business processes
  • Pushing utilities towards real-time analytics while conquering complex data feeds and information demands in order to predict future outcomes

Who Will Attend

This conference is researched and designed for:

  • Chief Utilities Officers and Executives
  • Engineers and Operations Specialists
  • Utility Industry Regulators
  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government and Agencies


  • CIOs, CTOs, COOs, Directors of IT
  • Customer Services Executives
  • Regulatory, Policy and Standards Administrators
  • Academic and Research Professionals
  • Compliance and Consumer Protection Agents


  • Vendors and Product Service Providers
    • Analytics Platforms & IT Solutions
    • Smart Grid/Soft Grid Developers
    • Automation, Hardware & Software Infrastructure
    • Storage and Security
  • Management and Technology Consultants

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