Date: Tuesday 25 January 2011 - Thursday 27 January 2011

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Condition Based Maintenance is widely accepted as the future for maintenance strategies. Only effective implementation of condition monitoring techniques will improve shipowners’ and managers’ flexibility, reduce operational costs and improve bottom line business capabilities. But how much do we really know about Condition Based Maintenance in practice and how much can we understand from interpreting and processing the data we collect?

Why You Cannot Miss This Event

As the challenges facing the global shipping industry develop at a fast pace, it is essential for businesses to successfully adapt to change – to do nothing is simply not an option.

At the 4th Optimising Ship Maintenance, find how condition based maintenance strategies will improve your flexibility and help achieve operational efficiency while improving your bottom line business capability.

The Agenda


  • Discover how to evolve your maintenance management systems specific to your shipping operations
  • Understand what constitutes effective condition based maintenance
  • Identify the critical elements to maintain through a risk based approach
  • Examine how to utilise crew in successfully executing maintenance plans
  • Reduce operating costs and time out of service by achieving operational efficiency

Who Will Attend?

Delegates will include directors and managers of:





Maintenance/ Engineering                  

Information Technology                 



Ship Yards                                   


Fleet management                             

Oil and gas companies                 

Research centres

Marine operations                              


Software Providers


Optional Morning Workshop - 25th January

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will look at what is required to implement an effective and simple condition monitoring system that will be acceptable to Class. The documentation now required for the approvals process in the marine industry is becoming more and more complex.  This training session will identify the correct reports, methodologies and equipment documentation that is ideal for Class. Participants will benefit from a small focused group training that will teach how to deliver an acceptable CBM system.

Workshop Leader

Stuart Courtney – Senior Applications Engineer – SKF Reliability Systems

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Alexia Michael

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Opportunities To Meet Your Target Audience

Companies can gain direct access to our senior level audience and have an increased level of visibility through branding and networking at the summit.
For information on available sponsorship and commercial opportunities please contact:

Jean-Jacques Hermans

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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