Date: Wednesday 19 June 2013 - Thursday 20 June 2013

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

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Propylene is a building block for many end products and markets. It is one of the largest organic hydrocarbons produced and consumed globally. Propylene is a highly explosive gas used entirely to produce downstream derivatives, which are raw materials for a variety of industrial and consumer products. Key end markets include plastics, solvents, paints and coatings.

Over 80% of the propylene produced as a by-product of the following 2 major manufacturing processes in the world:  

  • Ethylene production via “steam cracking”
  • Gasoline production via “fluid catalytic cracking” (FCC)

FCC and Steam Cracking technologies process mainly liquid feedstocks to produce gasoline, ethylene and by-products. (e.g. propylene)

The recent shift to using lighter feedstock’s in “steam cracking” technology has resulted in a decrease in the volume of by-products, particularly in North America and Middle East regions where shale gas and ethane gas are the predominant light feedstock.

As the “steam cracker” feed slate have gotten lighter, North America and Middle East have been structurally short of propylene (C3).

Bridging the supply gap of propylene, the industry is looking for new technologies to boost the growth of propylene supply and offset the increasing Chinese demand.

Key Topics

  • Strategic Planning: Contemplating a Wirst Case Scenario
  • Alternative Feedstocks for Propylene Production
  • The Future of Propylene Supply Shortage
  • Increasing Propylene Yield in FCC/RFCC Refinery Production
  • Alternative Process Routes to Propylene Production 
  • Which Propylene Derivatives & Technologies Will Offer the Best Return
  • Propylene Derivatives Review: Market & Technologies of Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, ABS and Polyuretane  

Confirmed Speakers

Alexander Poppe, Head of Service Group, Organic Chemicals & Polymers, ThyssenKrupp UHDE GmbH

Aman Amanpour, President, Amanpour Consult

Andrew McIntee, Senior Consultant, KBC Process Technologies ltd.

Colin Baillie, Marketing Manager, Grace Catalysts Technologies

Dalip S Soni, Director - FCC Technology, CB&I Lummus

Gabriele Mei, Director Manufacturing Platforms Research, LyondellBasell

Gautham Krishnaiah, Director - FCC Technology, KBR Technology

Heinz Zimmermann, Senior Vice President Business Development, Linde AG

Dr. Jian Gong, Head of Marketing Performance Oxidants, Evonik Industries AG

KT Han, Director - Petrochemical Technology, KBR Technology

Laique Rehman, CEO, US Petrochemicals Global LLC

Marcus Vinicius de Oliveira, Refinery Petrochemical Integration Manager, Petrobras

dr. Martin Rothaemel, Group Manager Fuels & Chemicals, AIR LIQUIDE Gmbh

Meehan Julia, Senior Phenol Market Reporter, ICIS

Patrick Whalen, Executive Editor, PetroChem Wire

Rajeev Pandia, Member of Board, GRP Limited

Sarah Rae, Vice President - Propylene & Derivatives, Argus DeWitt

Dr. Sven Mandewirth, Partner, Camelot Management Consultants AG

Kek Wan Seang, Sales Manager, Sulzer Chemtech Pte. Ltd.

Call for Papers

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Who Should Attend 

The conference will give a brief overview on the major economical uncertainties and effect on chemical industry. The forthcoming propylene shortage is a result of the combination of following 2 factors:

  • Strong demand growth for propylene at Asia
  • Decreased volume of produced propylene due to the lighter feedstock’s resulted in propylene shortage on the market

The bridge for the supply gap will be provided by alternative feedstock opportunities and alternative technology owners as Enhanced FCC technology, MTP production, PDH process and Oleflex technologies.

  • Chemical Producers
  • Chemical Traders and distributors
  • Chemical Consultants
  • Technology License Owners
  • EPC Contractors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Chemical Associations

Further Information & Registration

Piotr Baziuk

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