Date: Wednesday 30 October 2013 - Thursday 31 October 2013

Location: Brussels, Belgium

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CO2 as a Feedstock for Fuels & Chemicals

Awareness of net carbon emission and potential ways to reduce them is becoming more and more important to all industries today. A growing number of environmental, political and social drivers are placing pressure on industry to find low-cost ways to limit their contribution to the climate change problem.

A number of options exist for reducing carbon emissions and the combination of all the following strategies will likely be necessary to meet carbon stabilisation goals:

-       Switch to more efficient technology with less energy consumption

-       Use alternative feedstock with lower carbon content

-       Establish carbon capture and geological storage

-       Utilise CO2 as feedstock for industrial applications

The strong carbon pricing and equivalent regulatory mechanism will ultimately be necessary to drive widespread commercial deployment of carbon dioxide utilisation technologies.

Responding to these economics and market drivers, some of the world`s largest players in power and other industrial sectors are investing in projects to more profitably utilise CO2 for diverse industrial applications. The new environment has created an exciting tipping point in strategic partnering, investment, and construction that is driving rapid growth in commercialisation of CO2 utilisation technologies.

Mature CO2 reuse technologies as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) can play a lead role in CO2 utilisation, though the emerging technologies in petrochemical, biochemical, fuel, and power energy sector are already making inroads.

Key Topics include


  • Understanding the current & future potential CO2 market size
  • What will be the major sources of carbon dioxide in the future?
  • Direct air capture: Perspectives from Virgin Earth Challenge finalists
  • Recycling carbon dioxide for the production of renewable fuel
  • Carbon dioxide as hydrogen/energy vector
  • Carbon dioxide utilisation in enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • From waste to value: Conversion of CO2 into energy products
  • Biotechnology based on CO2 - not a renewable but a recyclable carbon source
  • Case studies: Carbon dioxide utilisation projects
  • From waste to value: CO2 as feedstock for the chemicals sector
  • Local experiences
  • Converting CO2 into synthetic fuels
  • CO2 utilisation in energy production plants

Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Dennis Krämer, Project Manager, Dechema e.V.

Edward Rode, Principal Researcher, DNV

David Addison, Earth Challenge Manager, Virgin Management Ltd.

Christoph Gebald, Director & Founder, Climeworks AG

Stijn Santen, Director, CO2-Net B.V.

Dr. Peter Radgen, Head of E.ON Innovation Centre, E.ON

Dominic Hofstetter, VP of Business Development, Electrochaea, LLC

Eryk Remiezowicz, Research and Development Manager, ACP

Dr. Gernot Klotz, Executive Director Research & Innovation, CEFIC

Dr. Ludo Diels, Research Manager, Sustainable Chemistry, The Flemish Institute for Technological Research

Peter Erich, President, Joule Fuels

Peter Shepard, Chief Business Officer, Novomer Inc.

Dr. Thibault Cantat, Researcher, CEA - Atomic Energy & Alternative Energies Commission

Dr. Thomas Haas, Vice President Biotechnology, Evonik Industries AG

Tony Alderson, CCS Technical Lead, Power Generation, Parsons Brinckerhoff

Geoffrey Holmes, Research Scientist & Business Development Manager, Carbon Engineering Ltd

Gábor Laurenczy, Head of Group GCEE & University Professor, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Freya Burton, Director European Relations, LanzaTech

David Banitt, CEO, NewCO2Fuels Ltd.

Peter Van Den Broeke, Associate Research Professor & Qatargas Chair, Qatar University

Benedikt Stefansson, Director of Business Development, Carbon Recycling International

Helmut Schwab, Head of Protein Design & Engineering, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Graz University of Technology

Why Attend? 

The event will attract fossil & bio-based industry players, who are interested in the latest advancements in CO2 utilisation routes or seeking sector growth analysis. If you are looking for a comprehensive progress update on the global CO2 utilisation industry including a ten year market demand & growth outlook and the latest technology advancements look no further than ACI`s Carbon Dioxide utilisation Summit 2013.

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